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  1. In my logfile I see enormous series of incoming connections, several per second, even though I blocked the btsync listener port in my firewall. [20140826 17:34:48.706] Incoming connection from[20140826 17:34:51.248] Incoming connection from can btsync get incoming connections when the port is blocked?
  2. On my NAS (Synology DS413) btsync consistently uses between 20 and 50% CPU. This is true for versions from1.3.86 (the first I have) until 1.3.109 (the current version). I have about 25 folders attached to btsync, good for some 30,000 files. I may assume that btsync can handle this easily. The logfile only shows a couple of incoming connections per second. On another system (15 folders, 20,000 files) btsync uses about 2% CPU, which I consider a normal value. Anything I can do to find out what's going wrong?
  3. I have some very big collections of data (1000s of files) that I want to (one-way) share via btsync. The participants (recipients) only require small subsets of the data. So what I would like to propose is a special type of share, tentatively dubbed 'sparse' or 'on demand'. A share of this type would synch the index to the participants so they can view the list of available data files, and then select which files they physically want to transfer. I know this is not quite in line with the general principles of btsyc, but it would be very nice to have.
  4. And how can you do that using the web ui?
  5. If you checked "Store deleted files in SyncArchive" on the PC you'll find the deleted files in your .SyncArchive folder. You do have a limited time (30days IIRC) to save them elsewhere.
  6. Using preferences, I can set the device name as used for identification in the shares. I share folders with different groups of people, groups that know me under different names. So it would be very nice if I could set my device name per share so they can see me under the name they expect.
  7. I would set up a separate share for this folder and adjust the preferences for the share accordingly,
  8. Put them on a USB stick? Cross-PC cut&paste? Temporarily share a folder from the upstairs PC to the downstairs PC?
  9. Om systems that support it, can btsync register the btsync hyperlink protocol so I can send other parties a simple link like btsync://Bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ? This would then show a pop-up asking for a destination folder and all is set up.
  10. I don't quite think so. The relevant part is that 1) I am the originating party, and 2) the other participant can put files in the shared folder that are uploaded to my folder without him being able to see (and modify) what's already there.
  11. When managing multiple instances of btsync using the web UI, it would be very handy if the device name were displayed in the title banner to avoid confusion.
  12. Apart from the automatic creation of subfolders, yes. This clearly illustrates there's a demand for some kind of upload facility using btsync.
  13. It would be nice it I could use BTSync to provide (possibly temporary) upload facilities to others. For example, I have a share Uploads on my server. When a customer wants to upload order data, I give him a temporary write-only secret. He connects the secret to a folder on a local system, and anything he puts in that folder will be synched to my Uploads. However, nothing will be synched back from the Uploads folder to the customer. Also, several customers could be using the Uploads folder simulataneously. This can be done by the customer handing me a read-only secret of one of his folders, but for obvious reasons I want to be the initiating party.
  14. I have a couple of big collections ( 10,000s of files ) that I would like to share. These collections change very little, on average 5 files per day. The current way BTSync works, with file watches for every file and a 10-minute interval file system scan is overkill for this purpose. So I think it would be nice to be able to disable file watches and control the file scan interval time on a shared folder basis.
  15. +1 for reload config on SIGHUP
  16. I have a one-way sync set up between (some folders of) a development system and a NAS. I expect every change I make in the folders to be synched to the NAS. Strange things happen when I make changes in dot-folders (e.g., .git). It seems that these changes are not immedeately synched, but sometime later when btsync performs its 10-minute scan. Sometimes they are not synched at all. The .SyncIgnore is identical on the development system and the NAS and doesn't exclude dot-folders: *~ .\#* \#*\# This is very puzzling... Any idea what I'm overlooking?
  17. Further investigations reveal that some of the binaries downloadable from the site do not have support for inotify compiled in. After switching to a suitable binary my problem is fixed [modulo a 10 second delay, which is acceptable]. <rant>If BTSync had been open source, this would have taken a mere 10 minutes to find out. Now it has taken several days and a lot of frustration.</rant>
  18. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the various tests and none of them show signs of inotify watches shortage. Using strace on btsync, I see no calls to the inotify routines, so apparently btsync isn't using inotify at all (which does, indeed, explain what happens). However as far as I understand btsync *should* use inotify to track file modifications.
  19. According to a post in the Syncapp thread, there are currently (almost) no resources allocated for support. If BTSync were open source we could at least try to find the problems ourselves (and provide solutions as well). Now we're just stuck.
  20. That. And I want to be able to build it on my computers. Not all of them are standard PCs, you know. And I want to be able to track down anomalities in behaviour before filing bug reports. Currently, the documentation is very sparse and only covers the most general cases.
  21. From the documentation I userstand that BTsync will synch a file immedeately when it is changed. (Except for Mac OSX, where it can take up to 10 minutes). I'm running BTsync on Linux (Fedora 17). When a file changes, it is not synched immedeately, but only when the 10-minute folder scan takes place. Everything else seems to work okay, so I wonder whether I did configure something wrong. The other system is a Synology DS413 NAS.Both systems are running 1.2.82.