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  1. I noticed this behavior on Android client as well. Although I can't currently test desktop-to-desktop setup so I had to ask this thread. I hope it gets implemented to the desktop version too. Kinda like a checkbox or something.
  2. In the case of continous backups, (e.g. I have constant backups on interval sent to my server. However, my phone/laptop that is the source of the backup has lower storage capacity than the server so I need to delete older backups. How do I keep the ones already synced and sent to the server even if I've deleted the source on the original device? I mean, I know there's .SyncArchive but using that workaround seems more like a hack than an actual solution. If that's the case then how will they get the latest version then? Or how do they make it so that they get updates on those files again?
  3. When I share a read-only key to another person and I delete a file or folder on the original source, do the people with my read-only key get their copy of that file deleted as well? Or does it remain? Also, in case that person with my read-only key deletes a file or folder from his copy, does BitTorrent Sync redownload that missing file (since it's not in-sync with my original copy) or does it ignore that file/folder alone from that point onwards?
  4. Cool, I wish we'll have Desktop-to-Mobile sharing too and vice versa (via laptop's webcam). At times I just want to send 1 file to my phone that doesn't warrant sharing a full folder.
  5. So I realize that mobile-to-mobile share tab on Android was removed, I assumed that now, BitTorrent Sync will instead appear on the "Share To" functionality of file managers / image gallery. But it's not there. So how do I do that now?
  6. I just updated BitTorrent Sync on my Android and up until recently, there were three tabs available. One was for the regular synced folders, the other was for sending files to other BitTorrent Sync mobile users (via QR Code), and the last one was for the backed up folders in the phone (1-way syncing). What happened to the middle tab? EDIT: I saw that it was removed in 1.3. And replied to that thread instead.
  7. I'm reviewing the API documentation and from my quick skimming, it seems that I need to have access to a BitTorrent Sync client in order to utilize the API. I was wondering if there's a way to tap into the infrastructure without having to go through the client itself? (For example, I was thinking of making a light BitTorrent Sync client for J2ME feature phones. Since there's no official client for that platform, I won't be able to incorporate Sync there, unless there's a workaround.) Would this be possible?
  8. So they just won't be able to change the contents of the folder but can pass it on to others while PC1 is down? (Sorry, just want to clarify one last time.)
  9. I currently don't have the necessary amount of devices to try this out so I'll ask instead. What would happen in this use-case scenario? Let's say I have a computer called PC1 which has a folder that contains files and then the read-only key is shared to the public. Another computer PC2, gets a copy of the read-only key and uses it. After a while, everything is synced between PC1 and PC2, however, PC1 lost connection to the network. Another computer, PC3, gets a hold of the read-only key and adds it while PC1 is down but PC2 is up and online. Considering PC2's copy is the exact same as PC1, will PC3 get the files from PC2 instead? Note that both PC2 and PC3 have the read-only key and PC1 is the only computer that has full access to change the contents of the folder. I hope that example isn't too confusing.
  10. Me and a friend both have Bittorrent Sync on our Android phones and when I need to send him something, I normally use the Send files feature. However, Bittorrent Sync does not appear on the list of apps to share files to. I have to manually go to the client itself then "Select files to send" and choose the file there. I was wondering if there's a way to send my files to Bittorrent Sync via other apps? (E.g. I can send my images directly from the gallery to Facebook.