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  1. I've just been round this loop in the context of backing up my cloud based vps. Both my host and offsite backup service providers agree that we can never 100% back up an envelope from within. There are always some elements that neccessarily change during the course of the course of the backup. It is possible to snapshot from outside the envelope while the system is not running. This is what Norton Ghost and similar disk imagers do. They run under unix/linux or dos and take a snapshot of the windows partition. They are easy to run and work just fine. Their draw backs are the lack of granularity - and the substantial run time involved to copy or restore such large volumes. My approach is take a disk image of a clean (provisioned) install to recover the system itself. And then to use conventional backup from within the system envelope to secure current copies of user data. This is more convenient to administer if you can segregate system and data to different disk partitions. Steve