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  1. Yes, I've noticed exactly the same thing. I too use a unique Email address (I used the same one to register on this forum and for my Btsync account) and spam started to appear on it about a week or so ago.
  2. Yeah, I realize that. The object is to prevent both the laptop & the NAS from downloading the same files directly from the phone as this would double the mobile data bill. EDIT: A thought, If I disabled relay and tracker options on the laptop installation and then used a predefined host entry to connect it only to the NAS (i.e. locally, on my LAN), would that solve my problem? The mobile would then upload new photos to the NAS which would then sync to the laptop. Does that sound sensible?
  3. I use the Android btsync app to sync photos between my phone and my NAS which is on all the time. If I add another node (e.g. my laptop) which knows the secret for the photos folder, how will the sync take place? Will the Android app upload all the images twice, or will they go to the NAS which then syncs to the laptop, or what? Obviously, the second option is desirable as it halves the amount of mobile data used, is there any way to ensure that's what happens?
  4. Version 1.2.82 installed and running fine on a Netgear ReadyNas RN102 running OS6.1.6. Note: I was unable to get the free BtSync "App" available in the ReadyNas's App store running correctly. It would lanuch, run and sync files as expected but would not save its configuration and folder list over reboots. Seems to be some problem with file ownership and/or write permissions. I installed btsync via ssh and put an entry in /etc/init.d to start it at boot, works fine.