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  1. Just to report back: Enabled uPNP on my home router and get similar-to-DB upload speeds from my work PC. Thanks for the help. Obviously something that affects speed greatly. Maybe put something that could be highlighted during the startup/install procedure? Check the port and suggest procedures for adjusting? Not sure I'll keep it that way. Doing a bit of reading and having UPnP set on my home router seems to make it vulnerable to attack in some way. Thanks again.
  2. Don't think it was indexing, this was going on for days, felt like. DB gets around 1MB/s up out of the office. I'll check the port thing out. AV would be surprising... would expect that to happen in both cases. Both machines are Win7.
  3. Have set up sync on my home and work PC's and loaded up a 25.2 GB of files, some big, some small, on the work pc to sync back to home. Seeing transfer rates of 60kB/s max, so it's been chugging away there for a couple of days When I have the same folder in Dropbox, the upload from the work PC happened much quicker and when I download torrents at home using utorrent, I get up to 5 MB/s down. Nice fast connections. Is there some configuration thing that I'm missing?