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  1. Looks like I'm not the only one with the issue. :-)
  2. Hello, Thanks for the update! I've just updated all my devices (3x Linux (Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS), 1 Mac and 1 Windows PC) to the latest version. Both my Mac and Windows PC are in sync. However, my Mac is stuck on uploading ~1kB of data such as and to the Linux boxes. Is this related to this update? Image: Best regards and thanks for the great application! Kevin
  3. Are you calling the right port? 8888 is the default port I believe. Does it work in other browsers?
  4. I'm using Sync to synchronize my 5 GB school projects and other documents. I'm also using it to sync a 20GB truecrypt container with personal data such as photo's and videos but also tax documents and so on. Syncing across Windows, Mac and Linux