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  1. For anyone, like myself, who may have had difficulty trying to get Bittorrent Sync working on a Zyxel NSA 325, I followed these instructions here to install the fonz fun-plugin: From the Zyxel Server ( also downloaded the Bittorrent Sync Package btsync_1.2.73_arm_003.zpkg and installed as per the instructions below to install the fonz-fun-plugin. Download ffp_0.7_arm_004.zpkg from the Zyxel FTP server. This is the package which will be installed via the package manager.Download the ZYPKGS from the same FTP server. This is a configuration file which contains the installable packages. Usually this file will be downloaded from the Zyxel-servers along with the packages.As we do not want the automatic download of the ZYPKGS (and therefore our file being overwritten), the internet connection of the NAS needs to be disconnected (do not disconnect it from the LAN, as we need to access it via the web-interface)Now put the 2 files onto the NAS. If you named your storage ‘Volume1′, as it is by default, you need to put it into the following path:\\...\Volume1\admin\zy-pkgs\At last we need to install the package: Visit your web-interface, enter the management area and see if there is the ffp package available in your package list. Again: Disconnect your internet connection. If the installation stops at 5% and the list rebuilds without FFP being in the list anymore, you downloaded a new ZYPKGS file from the web. Bittorrent Sync web GUI can be accessed at http://YOUR-NAS-IP:8888
  2. Hi, First of all I would like to say thanks a lot for this great app and all the hard work that has been put into it. With regards to the wishlist: Email notifications - when devices have been unavailable over a given period of time - folders haven't been synced by a set period of time - when target disk space is running low Set max size for a synchronised (read only / backups) folder Remove oldest archived items if disk space low or folder max size reached (not sure if this is already standard, cant find any info)