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  1. Thank you very much for this update I've migrated to the service easely but on second thought, i would like to go back to the previous mode. I can't find how to though ? i've reinstalled the app, but it start empty now (service is still installed) Could you help me rolling back without loosing my folders ? Regards, Edit : or maybe coud there be a way to have the service installed, but with the app window ? (I found it painfull to use a browser for admin ... )
  2. Hello RomanZ I was wondering, do you plan to add a window's service installer for btsync ? This could be so usefull, without the need to login at the start of a computer ... I've seen some tweaks to do that, but would love to see this simple function officially supported. Kind regards,
  3. @2disbetter I sync in this folder because bittorrent sync dont allow to use another folder on a extSdCard (at least on kitkat android, dont know for others) I've read many others threads on similar problems with sync programs with kitkat limitations. I'v tried with no luck deleting ".nomedia" files, purge caches, use media scanner apps, and so on ... If i could be able to sync another folder i guess that would solve everything. Hmm having deleted the ".nomedia" files , THEN delete the synced folder and resync again seems to work !
  4. @RomanZ Thanks for your answer. I cant find anywhere the autoupdate settings, but i guess it is enabled, as my music folder (mp3 files) was perfectly seen by the media player before syncing it. I also checked for a ".nomedia" file, there wasn't any in ithis folder. As soon as i copy a mp3 file outside the "android/data/..." folder it is ok
  5. Hi RomanZ, i'm quiet happy with the last release of BTSync on Windows, but as i'm trying to sync music from the PC to an android device, i encounter some difficulties : no music is visible from the media player (it were alright before the folder was synced) I have read some topics about some limitations of android kitkat, is there any workaround for this ? Anyone else facing that behaviour ? Thank you, hopping that i wrote in an appropriate thread ... Regards,
  6. I choose "deconnect" the folder, it asked me if i want to destroy the files into that folder, i choose "no", now the folder is still present into the UI, but the icon of the folder is greyed (saying disconnected / classic folder). I then select "manual connection" to re-add, paste my code, it asked if that is ok the folder is not empty, i select "yes", and it loop endlessly on that question each time i select "yes", forcing me to choose "cancel".
  7. Thank you for this new thread. I didn't notice antyhing before that message, it happend only after the 2.0 upgrade. I'm trying to re-add the folder, but it seems to bug on an endless 'folder is not empty" warning, preventing me to add again the folder. I guess i can destroy entirely that folder, but it is quiet big, and i prefer to avoid resync the whole thing ..
  8. Hello RomanZ, thanks for the info. I've just updated to the 2.0 release, and i have now a computer pointing at a "foldererror110" message. I cannot find any explaination on that particular message, can you provide help, please ? Regards,
  9. It is quiet random, i cannot succesfully reproduce it ... As soon as i can i'll transmit a log, hopping containing some useful informations. regards,
  10. No android devices in the mesh, only some windows (7 and 8). As NZTH, i encounter this only with picture files (PSD, JPG, PNG, and so on ..) This is really annoying, destroying some files randomly (not sure).
  11. Hello RomanZ, thanks for the update ! Sadly i'm still facing some issues with files to 0Ko wiht this version ... any luck this will be fix in a close release ? Regards,
  12. Sure ! i downloaded the procmon, but i have no idea how to use it and provide you the log ;( Do you have any advice or tutorial to help me ? Thanks !
  13. @zeropluszero Do you mean that when your file gets synchronized - you cannot save it from the application? Yes that's it, the application fail to write the temporary file to the normal extension, resulting in a destruction of that file.
  14. @ RomanZ, my temporary files *.sv$ are on the ignore list and are not synced. But as i wrote earlier, when Sync is syncing a *.max file (usually a big one, taking time to proceed), rewriting that very file produce a software error, it cannot rewrite the sv$ to max, and destroy it. That would be great if sync had a way to prevent this as this scenario happens frequently ! (Regarding the slow sync, i meant the sync process, not the UI, it takes times to find a modified file and sync them after, maybe like Rochill04 said )
  15. I do find this release a little bit slow too ... Also, i'm not sure the temporary files are totally fixed ? As i try to save a file (let's say 500 Mo) at the same time the Sync is syncing it, the temporary *.sv$ file fail to write the *.max file resulting in destoying the original file ...
  16. Thanks for the reponses ! @ RomanZ, i've checked my Hard Drives (SSD) no problems apparently. I didn't have those issues with the Sync 1.3, it happens a lot with 1.4, and almost disappear with the last version ... !? Also, if i write my image sequence on another folder, not synced, i do not encounter any problem. I'll continue investigating if this is a hardware problem... @ mbob, no improvments with the experimental version of Sync ? Cheers,
  17. Hello again from time to time i do have some corruptions writing some JPGs sequences with the last fix. It happend a lot with the previous version of sync, and i first thought this was ok now. Anyone else having this too ?
  18. Open your IgnoreList with notepad in the ".sync" folder inside the folder you sync, and just add those two lines : *.dwl *.dwl2
  19. You have excluded the "dwl" and "dwl2" files from sync right ? i also use some cad files, no problems at all since the last fix. Also, i used to work with goodsync .. gave me headaches ... bittorrent sync is way better (when fixed )
  20. Good news !! Sorry to ask again : will it be added to the officiel release or the experimental one ?
  21. I assume they are ? here is a copy of my ignore list : # .SyncIgnore is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols. # # # OS generated files # .DS_Store .DS_Store? ._* .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes ehthumbs.db desktop.ini Thumbs.db *.sv$ *.part *.tmp *.dwl *.dwl2 edit: confirmed, as placing a temporary *.sv$ into the synced folder produce no copy on other computers
  22. After further tests, i do encounter a few coruptions of temporary files, this is only when the sync is processing on the file i want to save. As soon as the file is synced no problems.
  23. So far everything run smoothly ! (tested on 5 synced computers, using a lot of *.sv$ files) Maybe a little slower to sync with this version, not really sure ... ? Will this fix be part of the next public release, or should i stick to this experimental one till it will be added officially ?
  24. The release you sent me seems to fix the temporary "*.sv$" files !! Will continue testing, but thanks already for this, as it was a real pain Cheers !