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  1. Thanks the explanation. I see, there is then no practicable procedure, which works without noticing peers elsewhere to reapply.
  2. thanks. How can the new Advanced folder get the Read & Write and Read only key of the standard one to move already connected peers over to the Advanced folder and secondly to ensure that new peers can connect by these keys? Or isn't this possible? tia
  3. Is it possible to change a standard folder into an advanced one without loosing all already established peers? tia
  4. Thanks, it's request #34463. Steps to reproduce are difficult, because it happens in a sudden.
  5. iphone and PCs are connected with btsync. if the iphone is offline, all files and folders are shown there, but as soon as the iphone gets online and btsync connects to the PCs, only the synced files are visible. Switching between "Show all files" and "Show synced files" has then no effect. Thanks.
  6. Just tested the camera backup of Sync for iPhone to a W7 PC. After moving into another subnet and not getting connection again to the PC, Sync on the iPhone "forgot" about the PC. Moving back into the subnet the PC is connected to, I had to bind both devices for this backup again (to the same backup). Now, Sync on the PC shows the Camera backup twice, but only one shows the connection. If this happens more often, Sync on the PC will show a lot of inactive Camera backup items which seems not be be removable without deleting the backup folder. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I've had the case of participating devices of a sync folder (especially MacBook Air or netbooks) of which some hadn't enough free hd space to sync everything instantly. As with BT Sync for iphone / ipad, is there a possibility to decide to only show the documents'n'folder to sync and to start the download with an action, e.g. tapping on it? tia
  8. Sorry, should have mentioned of course. The systems are Windows 7 64bit + Windows 2008 32bit. The file size is 559 KB. I just renamed the file again + inlcuded the addtional dot, but now the sync works. Thus, I can't reproduce the issue, but can tell, when it happenend, removing the dot solved it, but maybe any other change of the file name would have solved it, too.
  9. With Bittorrent Sync 1.3.109, I just recognized a problem with a file name containing two dots. The file didn't syncronize, tried all some time, but when removing one of the two dots the syncronisation worked.
  10. tjl

    Sync API wishlist

    Not sure whether it has already been mentioned. A sortable "Folders" rider for "Path" in the application windows would be helpful to keep an overview over a crowd of sync folders.