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  1. I've spent a little time reading the forums, admittedly not comprehensively, and I have come into a problem with the app. I have 300 GB of files synced between three computers. Two of these systems are Windows 8.1 and the third is Fedora 20 linux. The master computer has four different folders that I'm syncing to the other two systems - Documents, Desktop, Downloads, and Sync folders. The master is one of the 8.1 systems. On the slave 8.1 system, there is a file -- sync.log -- in in the AppData/Roaming/Bittorrent Sync folder which is over 400 GB. I'm not sure how this could happen and it kept growing until my hard drive was out of space, even when I deleted some other files. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it safe to simply delete this file. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
  2. What are the limitations on the encryption rate? Is bit-torrent sync capable of using GPUs to increase the encryption/decryption rates? Also, is bit-torrent sync available for non-GUI Linux environments? There is not a good way to communicate between Linux/windows hosts on a continuous basis and bit-torrent sync might be able to master that niche. Additionally, how does bit-torrent sync play with VPNs?