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  1. Wrong folder size matters. If you are syncing 100 GBytes data but BTsync reports only 10 GBytes you should check debug log to find what "improperly" named file is stopping your folder indexing .... Question to developers: Why base code on ASCII when we are on Unicode era since decades?
  2. Workarounds observations: 1) Using a link (instead of key) is not possible if "file source" is a 2003 server or XP cause limited to 1.3 (is it right?). 2) I will try it 3) I just tried to update the key but doesn't work. The read only key is not accepted. this is the link to last 1.3 versions maybe it could be useful to someone reading this thread.
  3. please, go deeper, about point 1, or suggest a link about it. Thanks
  4. Since "lan_use_tcp" option was deprecated, I was no more able to take advantage of LAN speed sync
  5. Why should be considered a non critical issue???? BTSync is better than dropbox or similar because no space limit. But local connection limits are present. When I have to start a remote sync, most of the time I do a local copy (at local speed...) on a portable device. Then I will start to sync without waiting AGES .... If is impossible to start a sync on an existing folder where I could download an older version?
  6. This worked for me today without restarting BitTorrent. Now it can take advantage of 100Mbps LAN instead then 2 Mbps previous usage. Now I'm joking a little: to optimize bandwidth usage, next file processing and buffering should be prepared by a background thread ... Fantastic Work .. in many applications dropbox has no more reasons to exists...