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  1. A function where people can only write to the files they added to a share would be great. For example, there could be a normal read/write key, a read-only key, and a read-all/write-to-your-data-only key. That way, people could create collaborative shares without worrying that other users can delete their data.
  2. I'm currently writing an application with Node.js which uses the BTSync API. Reading through the emailed materials and the Terms of Use, it appears that BitTorrent wants the API key to be kept secret. How do I distribute the application without revealing the API key? How can users use the included config file without seeing the key? And how do I ensure that the key is not revealed when the application itself is open-source? One solution I can think of is to create a closed-source executable binary in a language like Java, C, or Python (using cxfreeze) for each system which serves solely to start the BTSync instance with the config. That doesn't seem ideal, but I am willing to take that route if necessary. Is there another solution?