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  1. hm ok. but whats about the requests, non-blocking sync and http file download? thanks
  2. Marco, yeah thats true, but i think only for the generated links? The underlying "main key" (which relies to the torrent protocol and make the magic happen) is still not protected, so if i try millions and billions of random generated keys i will hit one with write premissions and can acess/delete a share of a random person in the world? But thats a really non-important whish, compared to the file blocking..
  3. another thing i wonder, do you plan to add password protection to the links? I know its virtually impossible to "hack" a key. But imagine, someone is bored, starts a random keysearch and deletes every share he finds. Even if its realy highly unlikely that someone randomly generates a RW - hash, chances for that increase with rising usage of btsync...
  4. Hello, Let me say first i´m really impressed of your work, the client is really the best free solution out there! You´ve fixed all bugs, the new UI is really good and looks professional, good job! But i would have a few things to improve: The most important thing would be a file-download over http links, without the need of installing the client. Just like Dropbox, there is also the ability to share Files and Folders inside the sync dir over her web page. That is really important for me, when you send some pictures or files that are too big for mail, not everybody will install btsync for
  5. Hello, Just wanted to say that this bugs did not happend any more since a long time, seems like you got it fixed! But ive got another problem, WEB-GUI is not showing on my Raspberry Pi since the last update. I get the login, but then there´s only a white page without content. Tried to change the login data, restarted the box, restartet btsync.. any suggestions, except of re-installing btsync?
  6. found the problem.. : "Linux: create file debug.txt with contents of FFFF in the .sync folder. You can find the .sync folder in the same directory where the btsync binary is located." i think thats wrong? have to add following line in config for new version? //DEBUG_DAEMON=FFFF in config brings a debug.txt in /var/lib/btsync, but it only contains FFFF /usr/lib/btsync/btsync-daemon --nodaemon --config /etc/btsync/debconf-default.conf gave me some informations: Warning: config option 'lan_use_tcp' is deprecated //but it´s con
  7. Hello, I´ve installed btsync again just a couple of days ago.. After my nasty "filesgetoverwrittenbyoldversion"-bug i tried some alternatives.. but let me say you guys have made definitly the best concept, there´s no way around! the overwrite bug seems to be gone, but now there´s another problem.. i´ve deleted all btsync-related files from my share on the server, added it to a new key and tried to sync that to the clients. But only half of the directory gets synced, i´m missing about 12gb of data! I´ve updated the server now to this newest build, rebooted a few times.. But it just dont ind
  8. sent you a mail with the update-bug log.. nothing special.. but today i updated btsync and got tons of following errors, at the same behavior, tons of files get updated, added by "myself", but they werent touched... [2014-03-20 22:34:34.777] SyncDb: failed to execute query to save file info - 1 [2014-03-20 22:34:34.777] SyncDb: failed to execute query to save file info - 1 [2014-03-20 22:34:34.777] SyncDb: failed to execute query to save file info - 1 [2014-03-20 22:34:34.777] SyncDb: failed to execute query to save file info - 1 [2014-03-20 22:34:34.777] SyncDb: failed to execute query to
  9. the more i think about it the more i know that that´s the problem, when one pc thiks his whole directory is a new version it overwrites all changes that where made on other pcs mabe i can get you a log of that, cuz the syncing of the wohle directory takes time.. do you need the logfile from the "bad" peer or of any of them?
  10. Hello, Yeah i know, i know what hard work debugging is.. especially with such random errors.. but I´m sorry, it only happened 2 times within 4 month.. i think i won´t catch that in the logs.. But it only happened to rapidly changed files, like when you save it every 30 seconds.. But i´ve got a theory for that: Workstation make a new file, it gets synced to Backup Backup actualises his time, he was "in the future" and sets the clock back Backup´s btsync rescans the folder. Due to the creation with the "future" time now it thinks that the file got changed. The old version overwrites the ne
  11. Hello, At first, let me say your app is FANTASTIC! Really genial, the last sync/backup app whats ever needed! I´m using it to sync 4 PC´s, with backups on 2 Server. And i ran into strange behaviors: A few month ago, something really nasty happens. I was coding, the files are on the sync folder and synced with 2 pcs and the 2 backup server. I was always working on the same project files, cause i thought btsync would handle that (even versioning!). After i stopped i noticed that my new changes where overwritten with the old built! Wasted a hour of lifetime.. Now i´m making copies of the pr