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  1. Thank you for the clarification Marko!! Looking forward to moving my files over to the Pro version soon.
  2. Thanks Marko!! Two more questions- 1) the 10 folder limit in 2.0: does that mean 10 ROOT folders? are sub-folders included in that number? 2) The Pro version states pricing as $39/year per user. How is a user determined? Is it a login to a BitTorrent server? Or a uniqe 'FingerPrint'/'Secret'? As far as we have seen in testing, we have never seen 'Users' - only 'Secrets'.
  3. Hello! We need some clarification please. Your March 3rd 2015 blog post states: "Free users have the ability to synchronize up to 10 folders, with no limits on file sizes and transfer speeds." We have BitSync 1.3 installed on 20+ office machines, servers and laptops, and have been testing it for more than a year. Collectively our company and employees have more than 30 secrets, and we have 5 internal dedicated BitSync servers running who's sole purpose is to sync files for our company, our employees, contractors, and some clients. Many of these 'Secrets' sync folders with several hundred sub-folders in them. (For example, we have a dedicated 'Secret' that syncs our Client Projects folder to 3 different servers, as an internal backup. This has folders for more than 100 clients, and each of these folders has many sub-folders for sorting file types). Our questions are: 1) Since we are using a free version, does the above blog post mean that sync will stop syncing all but 10 folders for each Secret? 2) Will our 'Secrets' stop syncing for our client machines who have not yet upgraded to version 1.4 or 2.0? 3) Is it possible to add a 'Secret' to a version 2.0 Sync client? We installed it on a test machine and noticed the blue "Update Secret" button is no longer present. Thanks!!!
  4. Jtroth- This is very cool functionality! I would like to ask you a few questions about this relating to a request from one of our clients. Could you please contact me when you have a minute? Thanks! James Tuttle 612-564-2545 James@MyStorageHouse.com
  5. GreatMarko- That's a great thought, however I am the IT Administrator and I can tell you we place no policy, admin or change restrictions on any of our machines here. We have a small staff and everyone logs in as admin to their own machines. I've verified there are no bad sectors or file corruption taking place. No other software appears to be changing or affected. BittorrentSync just seems to "forgot" all it's info after every reboot. And strangely enough, it's happening consistently, but only on 2 out of 5 of our systems.
  6. This is a strange issue. I'm only reporting it because it's happening on two different machines in our office. We have 4 folder shares (secrets) that we run on each machine. Without exception, every time we reboot one of the machines (Windows 7 SP1, BitTorrent Sync 1.3.105), Windows starts up and BitTorrent Sync forgets all our shares and opens up the "first time setup" window, prompting us to input our first secret or create one. This appears to only started happening with the latest version. We upgraded about a week ago. I've lost count of how my times we've uninstalled, re-installed and re-added all the folders to each machine. Each time, all 4 folders sync up as they are supposed to, and stay synced in real time- until you reboot. Then all settings are lost again. I noticed in a different post that was made a month and a half ago this was a documented bug in the linux version. Do you think it will be fixed soon? Thanks!!! We LOVE BitTorrent Sync- it's a phenomenal application, and you guys are clearly putting a lot of hard work into developing it. As an IT Consultant I recommend it all the time. Every single person I've recommended who has started using it always thanks me. -James