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  1. Any ideas what I should try next?
  2. Would it be possible to add something in the logs that say this in a innocuous message and can be disregarded ?
  3. How do you want me to tell you the percentage of BW used? Regarding the disk_priority setting, I have set this to false and it does not appear to have made any difference I am not sure if its related but on the "master" server I see the following in the logs [20141103 22:54:54.148] SyncFolderNotify: "2014-11-03-2200.txt", event = "IN_MODIFY"[20141103 22:54:54.148] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/opt/customer_home/57801/logs/2014-11-03-2200.txt", source = "NULL"[20141103 22:54:54.148] SyncFolderNotify: "2014-11-03-2200.txt", event = "IN_MODIFY"[20141103 22:54:54.148] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/opt/custome
  4. I still get this, and it's very annoying... OSX 10.10 Chrome 38 Firefox 34 I should mention there is zero helpful logging anywhere. This was after I spend 20 minutes looking for the seemingly undocumented configuration to even get the linux client into debug mode... All and all the user experience so far isnt that great IMHO
  5. Same issue here syncing 150gb worth of files between two AWS servers in the same geographic region
  6. I am not sure I understand then, if I have tracker set to false do I have any dependency on being able to connect to a public tracker ? I am trying to guarantee that traffic never leaves my private network for this
  7. Question guys, I have the following config.json for my two nodes. I am wondering if I am still sending any data over the internet or would all my traffic stay within my local lan ? From what I understand using the known_hosts directive, along with search_lan, I am not going to be using any public trackers. Is this correct? Thanks! -John { "device_name": "vpn1.us-west-2xxxxxxxx", "listening_port": 55555, "storage_path": "/etc/btsync", "pid_file": "/var/run/btsync/btsync.pid", "check_for_updates": false, "use_upnp": false, "download_limit": 0, "upload_limit": 0