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  1. Herbta, try removing the share from the systems it is not working on and then add it back in. You do not have to delete the data, just open BTSync, click the folder tab, select the folder, click Remove Sync Folder, hit ok. Then click Add a Sync Folder and point back to the same location and add the secret. Also make sure you are running the latest version of the BT Sync client on all nodes. And since you upgraded the OS, if the previous two ideas don't work try uninstall, reboot, install for BTSync.
  2. Just launched Doing a beta with 10GB of data for $4.95/mo first but will expand out to more soon and we will give some bonus to first couple of users! Uses encrypted RO secrets for data stored on our side. Highspeed storage and network. Unlimited bandwidth. Thank you.
  3. Click the settings icon next to the share name. Check the box for Automatic sync. Give it a minute. Does that work?
  4. Is this a problem only if the RO encrypted share is running on a windows system? If you have a RW share running on a Windows system and the sister RO encrypted share on linux does it cause the same problem?
  5. kangyooni, BTSync will work fine, when you add your sync folder on the system that you are recovering to just use the read-only secret. That way the folder will only download files from another device. If you use the read/write secret then BTSync will work exactly as designed, by synchronizing the newest folder out to all devices.