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  1. Look like Raspberry Pi is a popular choice and it's seem super easy to setup. But I can't ignore the specs of the Beaglebone Black, it's so damn good the price and look like the system can last long for long run. Any experience witht he Beaglebone Black? appreciate all inputs don't want regret after purchasing the unit.
  2. Hi guys, I currently building a small NAS, which act as a bittorent sync server. So I don't have to leave my laptop open 24/24. Haven't got any experience with either Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black. After doing a bit research, and find out BeagleBone Black seem a better system, but hard to setup and lack of information as well. While the Rasberry Pi have plenty of guide, instruction how to install bittorent sync. So which one is the best choice for bittorent sync?