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  1. Hi Delegatevoid, and thanks for the elaborate answer. I ran a test on my LAN by disconnecting the WAN at the modem level... and the BTSync clients ( 2 pcs) stopped synching. I reconnected to the internet (plugging the modem back in ) and synching started. I know very little about the bitorrent protocol but I guess that even machines on my LAN need to download a tracker from a server somewhere on the internet. Can you confirm or refute the results of my test ? Thanks
  2. Hi, We are considering using Bitorrent Sync API in our code but most of our customers are using our product on intranet only and do not necessarily have an internet connection. 1) Is Internet connection required for the API to work ? 2) Is it possible that sync api will be de-activated one day via a remote call ? Thanks Adi