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  1. No files have been moved on computer B. There are two of us in the office and it will happen when only one of us is on a computer. I noticed that space is almost out on computer B is that a possible culprit?
  2. I get the beta thing. The the problem happens not while these files are being moved to .syncarchive, but as they are SAVED/CREATED IN the sync folder. They have not been deleted. What else might cause this?
  3. We installed sync across 3 different computers one with xp, one with windows 7, and one with windows 8. The files we placed in the sync folder worked great for several weeks then suddenly started disappearing. Sometimes these files can be discovered by a search and other times they can not. Regardless of which scenario they fall under these files are not visible, hidden, or set as system files. This is very troubling since these files are for our business and contain important customer information. (We found the files in the .syncarchive folder) Why is it being moved there? I have starte