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  1. Yeah, I thought of that, and I did check it, and it's set as the default (30 days). I've been testing between yesterday and today, so it's definitely well within the time frame.
  2. Thanks for the response! We just tested this out again (doing a change to the file a day later), and I do see there was a versioned file created now (with a '1' on it). I think this was pretty confusing initially because when the program restarts, the .SyncArchive is also reset? So all the versions/files probably reset and we just didn't realize it. It doesn't make much sense to me that when it's restarted, you essentially lose all your backups. That is a deal breaker for us to use the program since that is not very dependable.
  3. I read this on the FAQs for BitTorrent Sync: Yes, versioning is available in BitTorrent Sync. It creates and stores all the old copies of edited files for the period of 30 days (this default period can be changed in General advanced preferences - sync_trash_ttl). The versions are stored in the hidden .SyncArchive directory within your sync folder that you can open by right click on the sync folder and choosing 'Open SyncArchive'. Old versions of a file are marked by adding numbers to its name, where the file with the highest number is the latest. However, I am testing this out, and I only ev