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  1. I don't think you'll see that again. These services were before Resilio was selling their own commercial version to make money. And the way I'm seeing the support and development going the last year, I would highly doubt a business would invest the resources into developing this if btsync were to stop development at any time without notice.
  2. Those instructions are for general VPS. Any VPS with sufficient storage space would be fine.
  3. No. Unless both PC's are online at the same time, they won't sync. The difference between Sync and things like gdrive, dropbox and onedrive, is that they always have a server online to sync with, so when offline hosts come up, they sync to the server, not to PC1. Solutions: Don't power down either machine Add a third PC that is always on whenever PC1 or 2 is on
  4. I use predefined hosts on public static IP's, and for static private to private IP's. If the network will change often, its better just to use their tracker. The ports used are shown in the configuration. On my home network, I have 1GBe for general devices and PC's, and a 10GBe network for higher bandwidth storage and network devices. Before using predefined hosts, I wouldn't necessarily see the traffic going over the 10GBe network, so using predefined hosts helped solve that. Note, over the years and updates, I've often found these settings to go missing or changed back to defaults. So if you KNOW your hosts are operational but not seeing the peers, recheck your predefined hosts list is correct.
  5. Has anyone else been experiencing momentary system hangs during large syncs? Starting in either 2.6.2 or 2.6.3 (I think the later), I've been experiencing system hangs where I can move the mouse but not click, and the desktop really doesn't refresh. I've managed to leave Task Manager open during one of these times and I can see "System Interrupts" is pegging the CPU. This either means my network driver changed recently (maybe when Windows went to 1809?) and isn't effectively using the proper driver and hardware (it's a 10GBe Nic connected to another 10GBe nic via 10GBe switch), or it means that Sync isn't efficiently sending data out the nic. Shortly after upgrading to 2.6.3, I noticed my sync speeds were higher than before, peaking at 1.6Gbps. Today, the system hangs have been the worst noticeable and speeds peaking at around 900Mbps. I know from dealing with embedded devices that dealing with high rate network transmissions is tricky balancing servicing the incoming/outgoing ethernet packet buffers and dealing with system interrupts and the polling vs interrupts... I'm using Intel 10GBe nics, so I'm expecting less CPU and more hardware offloading than the typical Realtek nic.
  6. You didn't understand the request. The problem is that each release has its OWN sticky thread. So when new release 2.6.4 post is made, its a new thread with no existing notifications. Whereas if they had a thread called "Resilio Releases", then you could subscribe to that thread and be notified automatically each time a release is made. They just need to top post in that thread so the newest release is always post #1. But you're right about the slow death.
  7. Depends on the error. Click on the "3 of 7".
  8. Updating issues are resolved now in 2.6.2/2.6.3. Before, updating from "Check now" was like pulling teeth with failed updates and stupid error messages. Was just smooth on 3/3 of machines upgrading from 2.6.2 to 2.6.3 on Windows. Much appreciated, this was a sore spot for me.
  9. Try adding the temp file ext to the IgnoreList and see if that helps. Then it shouldn't see the temp to final change, just when its the final file.
  10. You wouldn't want that performance hit unless you shared your NAS with people you don't trust. The patches are really for cloud machines. That's why you're seeing more patches default disabled so as not to critically hobble those not necessarily at risk of malicious exploits.
  11. Yes, it resolved it for me where it was happening at least 25% of the time on 2.6.1. My NAS is still stuck on some issue, but it appears to be crcdownloads related and not the "no peers online" bug.
  12. I used Unlocker and it didn't work. Thanks for the MoveFile mention. I'll try that for the inevitable next time.
  13. Oh, you're not wrong, this is epic design and QA failure for sure. This is what happens when there are no experienced developers on a team. You just asked for a work around. For me, it was worth it to stop the bug where files fail to sync due to no peers being online (when there are several). That caused much more inconvenience than two reboots and 7+ minutes of time. I've lost any expectation that they will fix this error anytime soon.
  14. I've been attempting the install and having it fail, then booting into safe mode and moving over/renaming the exe in the roaming folder.