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  1. I'm not seeing any inotify behaviour for file syncs on Centos 8 running 2.7.2. This must be a new bug, as I don't recall having to wait 10 minutes this often to get files sync'd. I'm not sure if this started with Centos 8 or 2.7.2, but I'd guess 2.7.2 first since Centos 8 came first. Anecdotally, I'd expect for transfers to happen within a minute of the file being saved. On Windows, it doesn't appear to need the 10 minute folder rescan for transfers to start. But seems I do with Centos 8.
  2. You can try restarting Resilio periodically. I just ran into a bug where a transfer starts out at 45MB/s, and then after about a minute it drops down to 5-10MB/s. Restart the receiving Resilio service and get the 45MB/s again and drops back down to 9MB/s... pattern repeats. The saw tooth throughput bug has been reported many, many times before. I might have to start regression testing to see what the last version of Resilio that wasn't this buggy. The difference between 45MB/s and 5-10MB/s was like 23minutes vs 2-8 hours. And these are all mostly large files, I can only see this b
  3. Resilio should already be sending multiple files at once. However, I don't think 2.7.2 behaviour is the same as it has been before, or in the intended bit torrent protocol. I recall seeing them publish a white paper showing how pushing out a file to like 250 business users happened so much quicker. I have not observed what they claim at all in that the clients do not intelligently split up the files and share different parts to different clients for there to be any observable speed increase. My home connection is 600Mb down, 16Mbps up. When I only synced with one server, I would only get
  4. Not really sure what your problem is, you just do the same on C as you did on B... It's fairly basic and straight forward. You start by adding a folder on A. Then you copy the share key (read only or read/write) and use that key on B and C (and D, E, F, etc). Some of my sync's might be between 2 peers only and some between 5.
  5. I imagine they are struggling with a business model where they receive sufficient revenue. I doubt there is currently enough paying Resilio customers to support the dev and support teams.
  6. What exactly was wrong with the two options discussed in that thread? You didn't detail what problems with manual configuration you had. 1. Use a proxy. 2. Configure your peers to use port 80 or 443 as their Resilio listening port. But to answer the question as to why Resilio Support hasn't responded, it is because they cannot advise you to violate the terms of the license you're clearly violating. Resilio isn't for use at business environment (even for personal use! Same as TeamViewer policy). They also don't want to be on IT Admin's sh!tlist for aiding employees violate compan
  7. So, when you give out incorrect info, get called out on it, this is how you respond? Without knowledge or experience, who are YOU to be telling what others want? They have the laptop, they have battery and processing issues), and they are looking for an ETA for that build. You're offering NOTHING OF VALUE telling them that there is no benefit to a native build. You don't know that. "compiled to target a different instruction set to run with no penalty on the host OS. From the M1 reviews I've read, Rosetta 2 handles this perfectly." You were 0/2 in that. There is ALWAYS a penalty in e
  8. Oof. Did you not read the very first paragraph you linked to? And then the second paragraph gave an exact example of emulation, allowing a binary written for gameboy to be played on other processors. "In a more technical sense, native code is code written specifically for a certain processor.[1] " That would be x86_x64 native. Arm (the M1 CPU) is not. That first sentence is an over simplification and I would argue it doesn't belong there (nobody talks "native" code when building debs vs rpm's, because they build to architects, the CPU'S). Also, calling bullshit on you saturatin
  9. Check the date that the conflict file wasn't made before you edited the Ignore file.
  10. What "setting" are you referring to? (There is no "setting" to change, only "current time"). The question is, is your mac showing the right time within 1 minute? Compare it to: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ I know for sure if the time is off by 11 minutes, I'll get that error. If its 1-2 minutes, not sure. Under 1 minute, you won't get that error. Most times, your computer will sync with a server on the internet and get you within a second or two. But if you just booted up a machine that hasn't been on for weeks or months, the clock will be wrong until it syncs. tl;
  11. Yes, you're changing a "DEFAULT" setting. This is expected behaviour. However, what is NOT expected, is that when using "folder_defaults.known_hosts", you then lose the ability to add or remove additional predefined IP's per folder. That might be worse than the benefit of the feature itself. Right now, I got around that by having one side not using folder_defaults.known_hosts, but it'll be a friggin hassle to setup two servers that were setup with this setting and later on need to add more. It would require removing the folder, editing the config file, restarting resilio and then adding
  12. "The iOS build supports the M1 natively." That's not what "natively" means. You're using it wrong. Don't. At best, I think you meant "compatible". As you state later, it's using emulation. "literally the toughest thing Sync does from a CPU perspective is hash files, which even the slowest current gen CPUs handle easily." WHAT? Each CPU generation is faster for encryption (they literally move things that were in done in software in previous generations and turn it into hardware that runs much faster) and makes a big improvement over each generation. Your statement either needs
  13. Can you run `top` on the seedbox and determine if there is high CPU? Do you know how fast the disk I/O is? Lastly, do you have a public IP from your seedbox? If so, then you can skip the relay and tracker and use predefined hosts.
  14. Two way syncing .git folders sounds like a bad idea and wouldn't be a typical use case to be tested, to answer OP's original question. Also, you replied to a 2 year old thread and asked a redundant question (he solved it by reinstalling 2.5.13). Start your own help thread.
  15. I don't think they have any people there anymore that can update their repo. It should have been a copy/paste instructions for someone else to be able to do it (if not already automated), but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.