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  1. Timbo

    Folder stuck on sync at 90%

    Depends on the error. Click on the "3 of 7".
  2. Timbo

    Latest Desktop Build 2.6.3

    Updating issues are resolved now in 2.6.2/2.6.3. Before, updating from "Check now" was like pulling teeth with failed updates and stupid error messages. Was just smooth on 3/3 of machines upgrading from 2.6.2 to 2.6.3 on Windows. Much appreciated, this was a sore spot for me.
  3. Timbo

    Latest Desktop Build 2.6.2

    Try adding the temp file ext to the IgnoreList and see if that helps. Then it shouldn't see the temp to final change, just when its the final file.
  4. Timbo

    Latest Desktop Build 2.6.2

    You wouldn't want that performance hit unless you shared your NAS with people you don't trust. The patches are really for cloud machines. That's why you're seeing more patches default disabled so as not to critically hobble those not necessarily at risk of malicious exploits.
  5. Yes, it resolved it for me where it was happening at least 25% of the time on 2.6.1. My NAS is still stuck on some issue, but it appears to be crcdownloads related and not the "no peers online" bug.
  6. Timbo

    Latest Desktop Build 2.6.2

    I used Unlocker and it didn't work. Thanks for the MoveFile mention. I'll try that for the inevitable next time.
  7. Timbo

    Latest Desktop Build 2.6.2

    Oh, you're not wrong, this is epic design and QA failure for sure. This is what happens when there are no experienced developers on a team. You just asked for a work around. For me, it was worth it to stop the bug where files fail to sync due to no peers being online (when there are several). That caused much more inconvenience than two reboots and 7+ minutes of time. I've lost any expectation that they will fix this error anytime soon.
  8. Timbo

    Latest Desktop Build 2.6.2

    I've been attempting the install and having it fail, then booting into safe mode and moving over/renaming the exe in the roaming folder.
  9. This bug appears to be introduced after the 2.5.13 release and is still frequently occurring for 2.6.2. It is a major issue and so far I have not seen any acknowledgement from Resilio on resolving this new bug. I would have treated this as a high priority bug when first reported 3 months ago. This is happening so frequently on all my setups and for others, I question how this didn't get noticed and resolved months ago. Version 2.6.2 cleared up this very frequent bug on my Win10 machine. I was thinking you might have actually fixed the bug and was so happy. Until... Version 2.6.2. just showed the issue for my WHS2011 where I don't recall seeing this bug previously on that machine in 2.6.0 or 2.6.1. Version 2.6.2, no change on QNAP NAS that doesn't seem to finish the "Loading..." so I don't even know which 6 files are stuck. Clearly, the error message about no source being online for too long is wildly wrong and lacks basic logic checks as this shows even with all peers online. At the very least, improve the error message to reflect what the actual error is. Please fix this. At the very least, communicate with us as there are many of us who are looking at alternatives because this issue is so annoying and going on for so long without any feedback from Resilio.
  10. It seems Sync has issues with .crdownload files. Today I had to move a 2GB drive to a 2.5GB drive so I removed the share from Sync before moving the data. The share was supposedly synced at that point so the expectation is that after re-adding it back and it indexing, they should have been in sync. However, after removing the share, moving the data and adding back the share, I have 22 conflicts, all for .crdownload files that don't exist. I get the error "These cannot be downloaded as there are no source peers online for too long a time". All these files were transient and long ago removed, and on top of that, not ever in the folder that Sync is reporting. I have no idea where this old information is coming from, so there is obviously one or more bugs about failing to clean up properly, and failing to detect/index properly. A search on both computers for "*.crdownload" turned up no results. I've just added .crdownload to my IgnoreList, so hopefully I'll avoid these bugs in the future.
  11. Hmm. I guess it was just obvious since they had this for NAS'. Search the forum for "webgui" and there's hits from 2013, 2014... https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001184490-Configuring-WebUI-
  12. This is generally a firewall thing and outside the scope of the app developers themselves. Most people behind a NAT router isn't going to have this problem. On my public VPS running sync, I had to open the port to access it. Home users will generally be put into a Home profile and public computers into the public profile. So by default, LAN users will be seen as friendly to the computer but not public ones.
  13. I've never liked their debug logs, as you need a decoder ring to make sense of errors, but I'd think you need the log from the other side. This log is basically just saying, "I got a file but it was size: 0". Need to know why the other side is telling you its a size 0 file.
  14. Timbo

    Latest Desktop Build 2.6.2

    Ok, I don't that was it then. I think it's been rslsync since being on 2.x, and was btsync before that?