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  1. How large is the folder? It shouldn't be 100% for very long. Do you have a decent hard drive or is it old and slow?
  2. I don't know if this is a Resilio or Linux issue, as I run into problems with users not having write permissions despite being in the group on Linux from time to time. Solution has been to use setfacl and give write access to the Resilio dirs to the user. Easier than changing users, systemd files or using chown over and over.
  3. I wouldn't try and copy over settings, I'd just re-set up the link. It'll scan both sides, determine they are in sync and then be happy. It won't retransmit everything again. If you had tons of shares, that might be worth it, but for 1? Just recreate the sync on the two new machines.
  4. Ah, you're right. That might be a privileged port thing like linux. You'd have to port forward port 443 in your router to the internal 5 digit port number of your sync install.
  5. Your company will have a policy on allowed software. They only want traffic going through port 80 and 443 so they can monitor it and make sure they don't have security issues. You're wanting to use software that isn't using http/https protocol to circumvent the companies policy. Resilio wants to sell their software to businesses, and they're not going to take kindly to a change like this. You're putting the "detour" effort on Resilio instead of yourself, which I think is wrong. Try and configure your Sync peers to listen on ports 80 or 443. Then you can put in the address of your peers and you won't need a VPN or need the relay. Since you want to use Resilio in business setting, you'll have a Pro license, you can do a feature request or contact support directly and get an official response from Resilio.
  6. Ah, I see (not really). Must be a Pro feature, as the free version doesn't have servers, just peers, nor default folders (the default folder is for config files, not sync). Checking the website, I see this "feature". You're probably going to have to open a feature request to add an option to not sync when adding a folder automatically. Add Folders to All Your Devices Automatically PRO Sync every folder automatically to all your devices. You add a folder to one and it automatically becomes available on all your linked devices.
  7. What? I don't know what/why/how dragging is different, but adding a folder should NOT automatically sync with all peers for other folders unless the peers also have that folder added. On my main PC, I have several folders sync'd with PC1 only, other folders with PC2 only, and other folders with all three PC's syncing. Let's say I have PC1, PC2, PC3 If I add a folder to PC1, it syncs with nothing unless I also add that folder on PC2 or PC3. I add Folder-Music to PC1. I copy the read/write key and add to PC2 and PC3. Music is automatically synced to PC2 and PC3. Now on PC1, I add folder "Programs". Again, it syncs with NOTHING until I copy the key and also add to PC2 or PC3. Adding to PC2 does not make it sync with PC3. I think you'll need to provide screenshots of your folder setup for us to better understand your config.
  8. Usually, companies don't like to actively circumvent the firewall protections that you're under, unless it is to get around draconian censorship. The solution is to change your firewall to allow it. That is of course, you're not authorized to be running this software in the first place. That's your problem, not everyone else's. Hint: use a VPN and your problem is solved for any software, not just Sync.
  9. I disagree. I would argue you're simply doing your folder syncs incorrectly. Don't sync the root folder, just sync the folder that the device should have. Adding the folders and having it sync automatically is what most users want most of the time, hence, the best default. You have something like 10 syncs available in the free version. Use them.
  10. That NAS model is too old/underpowered to support Sync.
  11. How much ram does your problem NAS have? I'm going to guess 512MB and your Docker capable has 2GB of RAM.
  12. I would suggest making a separate /etc/nginx/conf.d/browsing.conf whereby server_name will use something like browsing.hostname.org. Just add another A record to your domain DNS.
  13. Well, I'm at about 24GB and I can say the app on my Android hasn't worked since the initial sync 10 days ago. Says there is 1 of 2 peers connected, but just white page when trying to view the peers. The overall problem is they tried to develop too many features in short time without QAing them. Finding bugs within 5 minutes of an upgrade is pretty regular occurrence, but shouldn't be in a mature program.
  14. You need to see what files it is sending over and over. You may need to turn on debug logging. Once you identify the file(s), try moving, renaming or if you don't need it, just delete it.
  15. Check the time is accurate on the NAS. Also check if you're running out of memory. My 512MB NAS runs out of memory due to BT Sync and I had to give up on it. I don't think they optimized the NAS versions or are written by senior embedded developers that manage resources better than big PC's.
  16. I don't think you'll see that again. These services were before Resilio was selling their own commercial version to make money. And the way I'm seeing the support and development going the last year, I would highly doubt a business would invest the resources into developing this if btsync were to stop development at any time without notice.
  17. Those instructions are for general VPS. Any VPS with sufficient storage space would be fine.
  18. No. Unless both PC's are online at the same time, they won't sync. The difference between Sync and things like gdrive, dropbox and onedrive, is that they always have a server online to sync with, so when offline hosts come up, they sync to the server, not to PC1. Solutions: Don't power down either machine Add a third PC that is always on whenever PC1 or 2 is on
  19. I use predefined hosts on public static IP's, and for static private to private IP's. If the network will change often, its better just to use their tracker. The ports used are shown in the configuration. On my home network, I have 1GBe for general devices and PC's, and a 10GBe network for higher bandwidth storage and network devices. Before using predefined hosts, I wouldn't necessarily see the traffic going over the 10GBe network, so using predefined hosts helped solve that. Note, over the years and updates, I've often found these settings to go missing or changed back to defaults. So if you KNOW your hosts are operational but not seeing the peers, recheck your predefined hosts list is correct.
  20. Has anyone else been experiencing momentary system hangs during large syncs? Starting in either 2.6.2 or 2.6.3 (I think the later), I've been experiencing system hangs where I can move the mouse but not click, and the desktop really doesn't refresh. I've managed to leave Task Manager open during one of these times and I can see "System Interrupts" is pegging the CPU. This either means my network driver changed recently (maybe when Windows went to 1809?) and isn't effectively using the proper driver and hardware (it's a 10GBe Nic connected to another 10GBe nic via 10GBe switch), or it means that Sync isn't efficiently sending data out the nic. Shortly after upgrading to 2.6.3, I noticed my sync speeds were higher than before, peaking at 1.6Gbps. Today, the system hangs have been the worst noticeable and speeds peaking at around 900Mbps. I know from dealing with embedded devices that dealing with high rate network transmissions is tricky balancing servicing the incoming/outgoing ethernet packet buffers and dealing with system interrupts and the polling vs interrupts... I'm using Intel 10GBe nics, so I'm expecting less CPU and more hardware offloading than the typical Realtek nic.
  21. You didn't understand the request. The problem is that each release has its OWN sticky thread. So when new release 2.6.4 post is made, its a new thread with no existing notifications. Whereas if they had a thread called "Resilio Releases", then you could subscribe to that thread and be notified automatically each time a release is made. They just need to top post in that thread so the newest release is always post #1. But you're right about the slow death.
  22. Depends on the error. Click on the "3 of 7".
  23. Updating issues are resolved now in 2.6.2/2.6.3. Before, updating from "Check now" was like pulling teeth with failed updates and stupid error messages. Was just smooth on 3/3 of machines upgrading from 2.6.2 to 2.6.3 on Windows. Much appreciated, this was a sore spot for me.