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  1. Did you upgrade from a really old version? I somewhat recall they changed the usernames when they rebranded as resilio. I had problems right around then that might be related.
  2. Are you sure the upgrade failed? It shows right in the screenshot "Installed version 2.6.2-1". You're probably going to want to stop the service, backup your Resilio db files, uninstall, install, stop service, restore Resilio db files.
  3. @Helen What is the status on moving the installation directory to a proper one instead of roaming? Still can't upgrade from 2.6.0, the installation just ends with starting 2.6.0 again. I see no mention of that in the release notes. What is the status of the bug where files are not synced and says that no peers are online when they clearly are and sync other files even in the same dir? I see both of these bugs as showstoppers that should never have made it out of QA and should be high priority fixes.
  4. @Helen Why are you posting the release before the links are updated? As part of your release check, that should be done BEFORE you post about the new version. Please hire a QA manager as a lot of your issues would be avoided with some different practices.
  5. How did you manage to get 2.6.2 on your NAS when they have only released 2.6.1? We've all been waiting months for fixes to issues in 2.6.1 without a peep from Resilio, so seeing a 2.6.2 released to the field without any mention on this forum is mind blowing, though it probably shouldn't come as a surprise anymore. It is unclear what you're trying to do if an upgrade fails and then you want to downgrade. It's usually one or the other.
  6. What did Support instruct you to do? Despite you acknowledging your problem was different, they clearly DID NOT fix the problem reported in this thread, so please elaborate on what fixed your issue for you in case it helps the rest of us. Resilio is seriously hurting their reputation by having such nasty bugs continue for months and support just goes silent on the issue.
  7. Given that this bug would have been treated as a showstopper bug by any other QA manager, and still not addressed almost 3 months later (I reported it at least Aug 17), it might be time to move to alternate sync solutions. I suspect that they are not getting the kind of revenue to properly support QA and do not have near the QA testers they actually need for all the platforms they've spread to and all the features they've added. This issue and several others in the past year are the kind of thing you see when all your senior developers are replaced by junior developers without the experience necessary to continuously release better software.
  8. Make sure you didn't run out of space.
  9. Oh geez. I am experiencing an Explorer mouse lag/stutter and it's driving me bonkers. I've lost hours and hours of productivity rebooting and interrupting my work thinking it was Windows or how many browser tabs I have open. Did you use a nirsoft utility or a Microsoft utility? I think a little more details will help us all out Thanks!!!
  10. Not likely. This was reported before in 2.6.0 and instead of treating it like a critical bug, they released 2.6.1. And then when it was obvious they installed to the wrong directory and upgrades are failing, that will be their on-fire bug they need to fix for the next release as a higher priority. I asked for a workaround to this in the 2.6.1 thread and got no response. It's clear something happened with their developers or QA as I see night and day difference from yester years. In the time it took to write this point, I had another 3 files get this problem. *sigh*
  11. For me, I have a button in the upper right corner that says "Follow". If you don't, you might have script or ad blockers blocking it for you. Note, I've never used the Follow button, I'm just pointing it out as its there and likely what you wanted.
  12. Unfortunately, this is just anecdotal and maybe something wrong with my hardware, but transfer speeds used to be higher and more consistent for me with older versions. I've noticed the sawtooth pattern and wasted time trying to figure it out. That's what you'd expect for TCP with packet loss. It's just sync being sync (this happens over LAN, not over the Internet). *sigh* Probably some rate adjustment code that isn't working so hot.
  13. Can you confirm the bug and a fix where random files just fail to sync with error "These files cannot be downloaded as there are no source peers online for too long time." even though other files in the same dir got sync'd before and after and that the peer is definitely online ? This is super annoying and with no resolution in almost 2 months of experiencing this, I need to start thinking about using something else. A workaround other than manually just copying the file yourself, which is what I've been doing. Or a workaround to upgrading non-service installs from the Roaming folder?
  14. I think they lost some good people on their team over time. Probably cut back the team thinking that the software was mostly developed (?). Or thinking developers do their own QA. (hahahaha).
  15. Upgrading from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1: WHS2011: Upgrade failed, said Resilio Sync.exe was in use (it was, I was watching Taskmanager). Then I close the box, and it didn't upgrade, didn't relaunch, and didn't have Resilio Sync.exe running in the background anymore. So basically failed to close it first and then upgrade, but was able to close it, apparently. With it closed, I go to upgrade to 2.6.1. No errors during install. First time start, it probably took over 20 minutes to finish the progress bar and open. At least it did upgrade to 2.6.1 and fixed the 'no trackers' bug. Windows 10: Upgrade failed, get the 'cannot find the file specified' popup. I exit Resilio and run the installer manually. I select next in the installer, and instead of where you'd normally see the installer copying files, it just launched Resilio Sync.exe still running 2.6.0. No errors were displayed to indicate any problem upgrading to 2.6.1. In other words, same issues since before 2.5.12. Perhaps they do all their development and testing on Win 7 boxes with less security?
  16. It's good you're familiar with Sysinternals, because next is to use another Sysinternals app to find out what has the handle on your Resilio Sync is. Process Explorer? p.s. If you use a recent version (2018, maybe 2017) of Acronis True Image, they added crypto malware prevention and would also be blocking this behaviour by default. Lastly, boot into safe mode. Worst case, rename it from command line during the diagnostic boot. Or boot off a linux livecd and rename it. The QA on Resilio isn't extensive, so you can either workaround it now and move on to resolve the issue and continue on, or continue to try and help their developers figure out the issue (I refer you to the previous support response with the two points that had zero chance...). Given the needed change to change the default installation dir, it's kind of moot to spend more time on solving this issue if they don't already have an idea. *sigh* Upgrade from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1 just failed with "The Resilio Sync updater failed. The error is: The system cannot find the file specified". I have no idea why they went with an installer that made poor default decisions and an updater that doesn't work. Programs have been self-updating for decades. So now I'm back in the same boat as you. And I just did a fresh reboot yesterday and I can't do reboots for a few days until I get past some work stuff. I get that this is mostly a free app, but someone needs to make the case for hiring a senior QA person there. They truly make a difference to quality, which has improvements to support, sales, and morale. It's expected to have obvious bugs in corner cases and unpopular features, but not on core functionality basic to nearly everyone in basic use cases. You get a working upgrade process early in software development precisely so you can make future changes more easily. My mind is blown that after the branding change that required a migration to new install paths, that this is problem is even happening.
  17. Friendly tip, you should develop a checklist of what you need to change when you copy and paste the previous release post so you have proper links, proper version info (Sync!!!), etc. There should be less problems when making updates, not more, unless there are process problems. Eventually, it'll be muscle memory and you can do it without having to refer to a checklist. Also, your changelog should be including the .1317 part of the version string, or you don't use it. Don't mix.
  18. Oh, I'm sure there was no change to this the release was made before they knew the bug. What was the result when you used Unlocker to rename it on reboot? Then it won't be open and it'll be upgradeable. Or check taskmanager and kill any Resilio stuff.
  19. There was no error in Crypto Prevent, either. I had to manually try and remove/rename the Resilio Sync.exe manually in Explorer, and then it showed up in Event Viewer and Crypto Prevent's log then told me that. In Event Log, there was a message about some policy was preventing the access. So if you're just running Windows Defender, that's not it. But if you were running some third party solution, then I'd say it was. Just try and rename/move the Resilio Sync.exe when it's closed and see what happens. You can also try Unlocker to see if something has a handle on it, though Unlocker didn't show anything for me. FYI, my chrome was in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe". I'm single user on this PC. But there have been 3-4 other .exe's in my appdata folders, just don't have any problem updating them.
  20. For this problem, disable any anti virus/anti malware software. In my case, it was software called "CryptoPrevent" that defaulted to preventing running .exe's and renaming .exe's from within the users app sub folders. Even whitelisting the Resilio .exe wasn't enough because of their update mechanism and the renaming of the sync .exe is blocked by default as its malware like activity. It's probably not a good sign that Resilio is doing updates that match expected malware behaviour. I thought the .exe's were supposed to be installed in Program Files dirs, but I'm not a Windows developer, so I don't know. I just suspect they are not doing the Microsoft recommended of where to put data and executables. I hope they revisit their update process to be more like notepad++'s, where the updater runs when notepad++ is closed and then you overwrite the existing .exe instead of .exe name changes that will get detected as malware-like going forward. In 2-3 years of running Crypto Prevent, Resilio is the only known program that had a conflict with the default settings and whitelisting at time of CryptoPrevent installation. Having to disable malware protection to run updates is generally the first step to finding a replacement program so that one doesn't have to do that to do simple updates.
  21. Since running 2.6.0, I started having problems where random files fail to sync and the receiving machine doesn't get the file. When I get frustrated and annoyed that the file is missing, I go check Sync GUI and see the stupid orange triangle and then manually copy the files over from the sender to the receiver (without error!). You should make the Sync icon in the taskbar change colour or get an exclamation point or something to indicate that bugs happened and that the user needs to take manual intervention to fix the issue. It will greatly improve user experience because they'll be able to identify issues sooner rather than find out at much worse times. p.s. fix the Asian spam crap in the other forums. Not sure how it goes unnoticed for 2 days. That's always a sign the end is coming.
  22. So when I get the bug where a file doesn't sync because it thinks no peers are online despite syncing other files and showing the other peer, a locked file status error appears. When you manually copy the file to the destination, it generates a file issue by having a file lock. So like a minute later after the file finished copying, I don't have the error about not having peers online to sync anymore, just the "1 locked file". So I need to manually ignore it to clear status issues. Also, when is the green check mark NOT there? It seems illogical to have a green check mark at the same time as having one or many sync issues. Is this bug about failing to sync files thinking no peers are online been filed with the developers? I need to decide to roll back to 2.5.12 or see if there is a workaround or get an update as this is an annoying nuisance having to manually copy files and deal with sync issues much more often than usual. Edit: the error about file lock went away on its own while I was writing this up. Perhaps it took 5 minutes to self clear.
  23. QNAP dmesg contains: Looks like I'll need to get rid of anything I'm not using to try and free up memory. 512MB is piddly. But it really doesn't do much other than Sync so I thought it would last me another year or two. On my WHS 2011 box which has all my shares uses 325MB and 264MB on Win10 which also has more Syncs than the QNAP. The QNAP only has three syncs, but would likely still be a lot (25GB in mp3's, is one of the Syncs). I'll reboot it and see if it happens again. AFAIK, this is the first time I've seen this. I've not noticed anything in the Dashboard other than CPU and HDD temps (heatwave here atm) or in the QNAP log about high memory usage or needing to kill programs, so will see wha As for the port, I can see that the port was 14859 four years ago in 2014, but 14860 today. Not sure if I did something custom or if that was part of the rebranding. Oh well. I'll just bookmark the one its at now. Not a big deal.
  24. Thanks. I can confirm it was because of Crypto Prevent (crypto malware prevention) default settings. I had previously added Resilio Sync.exe to the white list, but not the dir and also had a setting that doesn't like renamed .exe extensions. It took me a while to find that, as error appearing in Resilio about the failed upgrade doesn't mention the 'specified file'. When using the installer to upgrade instead of the auto upgrade, no error is displayed to indicate fail (hint, hint, check success or fail on copy/rename) and it didn't appear in Crypto Prevent logs. I only triggered the Crypto Prevent logs when manually trying to rename files within explorer. So that's annoying when you can't see what is getting blocked (possible Crypto Prevent issue, *shrug*). I've installed Crypto Prevent on at least a dozen machines in the last year. Resilio is the only application so far that had any conflicts and needed addition whitelisting beyond the whitelisting that happens during installation. So you can expect this problem to only be more common as more people implement protection technologies. Was there guidance by Microsoft to install .exe's in the user dir's instead of Program Files? I thought if you install for current user, you put it in a Users sub dir like you did, but if for All Users, it should install to Program Files? *shrug* I do see about 4-5 other apps with .exe's under the Roaming dir, but I use them so infrequently, I haven't ran into issues with Crypto Prevent or upgrades. To me, notepad++ is the gold standard of smooth upgrades, and it's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++. Now I have to reboot my machine to do Resilio upgrades and manually make whitelist changes (hoping whitelisting the Resilio Sync dir allows the next upgrade to work, I'll see), so not loving this. As for the "cannot get a list of trackers", I verified both machines showing the error can download the config file. I can see in my pi-hole query log, successful lookups to config.resilio.com. I don't see any blocked DNS queries. The change log doesn't seem to mention any changes related to tracker or firewall. It just occurred to me, maybe the sync.conf file is also getting blocked from being downloaded to the Roaming\Resilio Sync folder, but my WHS 2011 box does NOT have Crypto Prevent and also experiences this problem. Both sides have been restarted several times. Can I manually place this file somewhere and restart and see if helps? But the newest bug introduced in 2.6.0 is really annoying me far more than the upgrade issues. The change "New Sync statuses and warnings" is to blame. It's still not good. I've got WHS2011 and Win10 on same LAN. I'll see the expected folders on the remote side, but no file INSIDE the dir! I check the source side Dashboard, no status messages to indicate a problem. That needs to be fixed. Both sides need to be reporting OK or Error, not just one side. Otherwise, its wrong and misleading. Perhaps you need to rename it to "Download Status", as it doesn't appear to be aware of "Sending Status", or else it would indicate error. You have to keep in mind, the other side is remote, we're not typically looking at the Dashboard of the remote side for every single file synced. We discover it when we go to use the file, and lose a bunch of time searching for the file, manually copying it (and waiting for the transfer after thinking you gave it lots of time to transfer before it was needed). So anyways, the dashboard on both machines show Peers online as "1 of 1". I click on the orange triangle and see between 1 and 9 files in error. Click on the link for the files, and the message is "These files cannot be downloaded as there are no source peers online for too long time. Sync will continue downloading if any source peer appears online." But it still syncs other files!!! It will show progress and transfers while still showing the orange triangle. Out of about 30 files successfully transferred, I have 9 files in error. That's a lot of failing without retry. No button to "try now" or anything. Troubleshooting: Restarting both sides does not resolve the issue. Time on both sides are within 1 second. The destination knows about the files, so the source obviously indexed them. I've never touched the IgnoreList. The troubleshooting page is missing a section for "Sync reports no source peers online for too long time despite all Peers showing online". *sigh* Now I see my QNAP NAS running 2.5.9 doesn't have Sync running. Did the webUI port change? Now I need to go troubleshoot that...
  25. Windows 10 x64 running 2.5.12. Did "Check now" and told it to upgrade to 2.6.0. Got an error saying that it failed to upgrade because it couldn't find a file. On my WHS 2011 box, running 2.5.13, I do a fresh reboot and then update using "Check now". After a bit or so of not seeing any action, I get an error "Could not update because it seems like Resilio Sync is already running. Please close Resilio Sync and try again". Both machines left without Resilio running and needing to be manually reopened. I open on my WHS 2011, and its showing version 2.6.0, and "Cannot get a list of trackers" error. Reopen on Windows 10 machine and still on 2.5.12. I tell it to install 2.6.0 again, and the progress bar is barely moving. I click the window, and Windows goes (Not Responding). I have to kill it to close it. So I want to fix my Windows 10 Resilio so it'll talk to my WHS 2011 running 2.6.0 and go to download it from https://download-cdn.resilio.com/stable/windows64/Resilio-Sync_x64.exe. I install it, click next a bunch of times, and then it opens. 2.5.12!!! WTF. Why isn't the download link updated to 2.6.0 before the auto upgrade "check now"? Jeepers creepers. So I check the Properties/Details of the Resilio-Sync_x64.exe installer, and it shows! I check the actual Resilio Sync.exe in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\Resilio Sync.exe, and it's still 2.5.12. No errors during install that complained about failing to copy files. Resilio sync was verified to be not running via taskmgr before each install and shouldn't run into any opened files preventing overwrite. This is really a terrible upgrade/installation program. Are you trying to make your own installers or are you getting these issues using well tested, proven installers and upgraders? I've been using btsync for years, and I can't believe the process is still this unstable and unreliable. How do these issues get through after several weeks of testing? I get upgrade issues more often than not. It seems the process isn't very robust and gets blown over with the slightest breath. I know a lot of your issues were from the rebranding to Resilio, but it seems these issues are never ending. Smooth upgrade 0 for 2.