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  1. I seem to be having this problem, too. Last night I tried transferring a large 3.7GB file to see if throughput was closer to gigabit or closer to 500kbps (it was always 950Mbps+ with Acronis local sync or Synctoy). After an hour, the files didn't appear on the other side. Du Meter (shows throughput in/out of nic) shows that when BT Sync is running, I'm uploading 200-900Kbps of data to about 20-25 IP's. When I close BT Sync, it stops. I turned on the debug and plan on investigating it further this evening. All 7 of my folders for LAN sync are configured as instructed: Disable the following: Use relay server when required (use_relay_server)Use tracker server (use_tracker)Search DHT network (use_dht)Enable the following: Search LAN (search_lan)
  2. You can start with Android ported to BlackBerry World, and then once all the main functionality has been added and frees up some developer resources, a native BB10 version can be made ftw. But just having it in BBW will drive users to the app, which should drive up demand for the native version.
  3. Are they expecting to provide their own developer API using the open source? If so, then you can remove yours and have them insert their own.