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  1. @mikey, try .service that described at archlinux AUR: It is work properly on my ArchLinux system with systemd.
  2. @feanorknd, try to install newer version of BitTorrent Sync. It contains some optimizations related to CPU usage.
  3. Please refer to "$ man mount", section "Mount options for fat" or run btsync as root.
  4. VFXLegion,BitTorrent Sync open all files in shared mode (ShareMode: FILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE | FILE_SHARE_DELETE), doesn't lock files. But, VFX compositing program open file in non-shared mode, when BtSync open file in shared mode (IMHO). This cause an ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION in VFX program. From msdn: You can test it using Procmon.exe utility with Path a filter (set to you shared folder).
  5. @benguild,Please describe what you want to happen in this situation? Because this behaviour is correct (by design). Thanks.
  6. Try to run: # echo 2 > /proc/cpu/alignment $ ./btsync
  7. Dear user, try to gather a coredump please. Run these commands via ssh on your box: ulimit -c unlimited./btsync_arm --nodaemonand send to PM coredump and terminal output. Refer to for details.
  8. @feanorknd, Please, make a coredump with the gcore and send compressed coredump us via (leave a link to this topic). Thanks
  9. @tjarra, Please, create ticket at with link to this topic. You could create ticket via web-based UI or feedback feature in the BitTorrent Sync context menu.
  10. @nectar Could your attach .dmp file, that you can locate at ~/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync.
  11. Hi! It is know bug associated with non-utf8 file name charset at linux PC. It will be fixed in feature releases. Thaks.
  12. Hi everyone! I have analyzed represented logs. The error message was issued by file name encoding error on linux (RPi). 1. You can check file names on valid UTF8. You need iconv tool. # cd <shared_folder_path># ls -R | iconv -f utf8 | grep illegal --color=autoIf you see message: that mean in your file tree exists files with non-valid file names. 2. Or you can wait new releases in which this bug will be fixed. Thanks.
  13. Did you test on another linux dists, or you use only Gentoo?
  14. Hi, If you open in firewall only 3000/UDP than btsync will work only via relay server - is very slowly. You can look at ports, which btsync use using command # netstat -lp | grep btsyncbtsync use 80/TCP for getting information about tracker and relays. Also, you should open UDP/TCP that setup in your btsync settings for incoming peer connections.
  15. user318, Maybe you built your pthread lib with specific gcc flags, or glibc?
  16. @Freekers, I have analyzed your logs. Check please /volume1 permissions. I think btsync on your NAS has insufficient permissions to this folder. Commands for checking: # ls -lsa /volume1 # ps -o user,cmd | grep btsync Try to: # chmod -R a+rw /volume1 for first.
  17. Yes, disabling of NAT PMP will be implemented in the feature release.
  18. 1. You can disable NAT PMP and UPNP via advanced options. 2. I am working on it.
  19. Step 1. Turn on Debug Logging. Windows and Mac: click on SyncApp icon and select "Enable Debug Logging". Linux: create file debug.txt with contents of FFFF in the .sync folder. You can find the .sync folder in the same directory where the btsync binary is located. Step 2. Reproduce issue Please let Sync collect logs for at least 15 minutes to get enough information. Step 3. Attach log file Linux: ./sync/sync.log
  20. It is not implemented yet. Does your router support NAT-PMP and do you need this feature?
  21. 5351/UDP used for configuring NAT PMP, therefore UDP segment sent to this port to expected gateway\router host.
  22. Hi, Could you represent full output of $ strace /opt/btsync/btsync --config /etc/btsync/config --nodaemon --log sync.log Thanks.