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  1. I had this problem with 1.4.110 where a read only client (backup only) forced the whole collection back a few days after it had been offline. (in this case a quite severe error as this involved our git server!) The backup server is a raspberry pi running Raspbian and the master server is a Server 2012 running in VMware.
  2. Wouldn't it be a good idea to just list all possible settings with the sample config and their default values? In most cases this would even eradicate the need for documentation as most are self explanatory.
  3. I don't want files changed in the ro peer, that's the point. The problem is that I cannot guarantee that no files will be changed so if they do they should be reverted.
  4. When syncing a read only folder with a linux cli it should keep the folder in sync with the rw masters. Specifically: - When a file/directory is added in a ro sync it should be deleted - When a file is modified in a ro sync it should be synced back to the master version In the windows desktop client this option is called: "Restore modified files to original version"
  5. - Restore modified files to orriginal version for arm/linux