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  1. <flame> Is there any proof it is not a spyware? On my network i saw it opening connections to "" and "" i have read in the forums the dev team said it was for gaining stats only, ok, but i wasn't asked for that during the installation neither there is an option to prevent this. Also if you read the terms of service under paragraph 7 Investigations there is written "BitTorrent shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any of Your Content for any reason (or no reason)" so what happens if i share stuff under DRM copyright? How do the know what i am sharing? </flame> BTSync is a shame, because it works well but is completely destructive when it comes to privacy, and i believe it will never be opensource, dev team may be saying they consider it so people stay tuned and keep using btsync, but for a company that says "privacy matters" that's just ridiculous. cheers