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  1. Same issue... So I'll uninstall it and reinstall it when I'll have time.
  2. Hi, I can't update Resilio on my nas (DS118). I think it's because support give me a beta version called 2.5.10050-1 and the new version is 2.5.11-1. So, I think, thats considers my installed version is newer than the real new one. See the uploaded picture : " the current version of the package is 2.5.10050-1. you can go back to the previous version 2.5.11-1." When I check OK, nothing is happening : DSM doesn't install the package.
  3. Same thing for me on differents windows 10 machines.
  4. Ok thanks a lot Just received the .spk I updated the old one (from my DS112 to my DS118) sync seems working good : all my old pairs still working ! Update kept my rules. At this time, no problem detected. I love this app !
  5. I contacted them via the form request : is it the good way ?
  6. Hello, Any chance to have a working resilio sync version with this NAS ? DS118, 218 Play & 418 use the same architecture. Thanks !
  7. Hi, For me and my DS112 (88f628x) : Stopped BT Sync Update DSM → 6.0 Restarted the NAS Update manually BT Sync (DSM told me to update it) Sync is working
  8. bonsoir, Après des prises de têtes similaires, j'ai adopté cette solution : http://goo.gl/bWRHqo Sorry it's in french.