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  1. Ok, will check it with disabled auto-sleep, but the 3 minutes option still looks like a balanced alternative.
  2. Hi Remirus, thanks, that was the issue! 1. I set the rescan interval back to 600 in the desktop app. 2. Disabled auto-sleep on Android 3. Dropped a file into the desktop sync folder 4. Voila, instant sync to the Android folder. Can you tell me an estimation/real world experience how much harder does the auto-sleep disabled drain the battery? If it takes 5-8% faster I do not care, but if it drains 50% faster then it is not option unfortunately.
  3. HI, Here is what I tried: 1. In the desktop version of Sync 2.2.27 (in Win 10 64-bit) in Preferences > Advanced > More Options > I set the Rescan Interval to 30 sec. Remirus: yes, Sync is running in the background on Android (4.2.1 Jelly Bean), if I pull down the header I see the "Sync - Running" status line + both "Auto-start" and "Use notifications" are enabled!) 2. Copied a file into the sync folder on desktop and watched what happens on Android: I opened the file manager on and keep refreshing the content of the sync folder. 3. Nothing happened after some minutes. 4. Now, in t
  4. HI, I am syncing a desktop PC (Sync 2.2.7) with and Android phone, using the latest Sync app. Whenever I drop a file into a sync folder in PC, the sync process does not start immediately, unless I manually start the sync app on the Android device. It is problematic, because when I forget to start the Android sync app manually and later (when my desktop is already off) I realized that the sync did not even start in 2-3 minutes or so. Is there any way to force immediate sync between devices or to minimize it to the smallest amount of time, without the need to start the Android Sync app?
  5. Go with Syncthing Still new, a bit rough and a little bit more complicted (and secure) but open source, peer-to-peer, remains free and unlimited. Works fine here syncing amongst multiple devices (server, laptop, desktop, Android).
  6. I've sent several bug reports, log files, etc. for the support, spent considerable amount of time describing bugs - all this for free, hoping that this great app will become better, while they keep the core of it free. The 10 folder limit is a ridiculous broken promise, lying is a really bad PR for you. I will stop using BT Sync from now on, go on with good bye
  7. Hi, today I had to replace my old cable modem with a new cable/modem/router (Technicolor TC7200) and also updated BT Sync to the latest version, 1.2.91 Yesterday I was still syncing many files simultaneously to my server without problems. Today there are hundreds of items in folders were added to the btsync watch folder and sync is working...but always just a single file at a time! Previously BTSync could upload many files at once, but now this one-by-one sync is very frustrating. Any recommendation what to check in order sync again multiple files? thanks, Baci