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  1. I have a similar issue... When I am working on an Excel spreadsheet, I will save it periodically to save my work, yet still keep the file open. When I save the file, I get the Resilio warning that the file is locked; in use by another application. This is clearly because I still have the file open in Excel. Even when exiting and saving, I get the warning... I am assuming that after Excel completely closes and releases the file, it is Sync'ed normally. Is there a way to suppress this warning when the file is open on the local machine?
  2. I was an early adopter of FolderShare, and have been looking for a viable replacement ever since Microsoft destroyed it... Specifically, I am looking for a simple way to sync the "Foo" folder on PC-A with the "Bar" folder on PC-B, WITHOUT my data residing on any 3rd-party platform in between. BitTorrent Sync sounds like it may be the best answer for me, however, certain functions are not clear from what I have read so far... Will BitTorrent Sync let me do the following?: 1. Designate Folders on one PC to Sync with specific Folders on a second PC, regardless if each Folder-Pair has identical names or not? 2. Is there a Graphical User-interface that enables me to see how the Folders on one PC are "paired" with their Sync'ed Folder on the second PC? Maybe I was looking in the wrong place, but I could not find any screen shots of the Set-up process -- I would be very appreciative if someone could provide a reference to see screen shots. My thanks in advance!