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  1. Ya, thanks a lot! How can I add some likes to you for you advice?
  2. I'm newbie at FreeBSD, and still a student, at least next year will learn how to deploy some , but thanks. And no, there was no typo, I'm so shamed , better told my geography teacher that she failed
  3. Thanks, RomanZ But there is no mistake in time zone, both: ipad and FreeBSD are using YAKT Which one better to change ? Why no manual\ports for FreeBSD ?
  4. Hi there, I just got an issue while trying to sync folders. Already read some thread as my one. FreeBSD 10: download tar from btsync website, and run it ./btsync => got an backgroud run localhost:8888 => share folder IPad: add folder with pasting secret, and right after now on PC there were an issue Q1: Where can I get config files? Q2: What Should I do to sync folders, if PC got an +6 YAKT, IPad got +6 (YAKT) PC: % date Tue Mar 25 13:54:15 YAKT 2014Ipad: Yekaterinburg25 march 13 56 Why not works, if only 2 minutes difference and error told that it's more than 600 sec (10min)? ^ Should I set ntpserver for PC as Ipad one? Thanks!