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  1. What does this error mean: Closing TCP tracker connection to Error 10060 Also, can you help me with steps to troubleshoot this error: Failed to open tunnel to ###.###.###.###:#####:TCP"#" is just me masking the numbers.
  2. You nailed it. The files from .SyncIgnore were not counted. Now I have to see what's causing the extra 3 files reported on Computer B. I am guessing the .SyncIgnore files would need to be sync'd.
  3. The file count that shows up in "My Sync" is wrong. It shows "51.5 Mb in 105 files" on Computer A while it shows "51.5 Mb in 108 files" on Computer B. Both computers are Windows 7 machines and are sync'd using 1.3.67 And the folder has indeed 108 files, not 105. The size is correct. Moving to 1.3.77 did not fix the count.
  4. 1.3 -- Over TCP connection is working fine and the files have begun syncing. What do the following mean (from sync.log): 1. [2014-03-28 02:22:52] ###.###.###.###:####: did not pick any blocks. blocking peer temporarily (I have hid the IP & port with #) 2. [2014-03-28 02:22:53] Torrent magnet (9659455dd897bc66b7f55751525f7a836ca5e4f2) status:137 error:<NULL> meta:0 conns:1 io:0(I have hid the actual hash with pseudo hash) 3. [2014-03-28 02:22:55] Torrent \\?\D:\Archive\LP\DL\Proposal.pdf status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:1 io:0
  5. Hi RomanZ. Thanks for responding. I'm sure about #1 -- the port works and is reachable from outside world. #2, I'm not so sure since there's an ADSL router involved that I don't have access to. Plus, I'm not sure what NAT and UPNP/PMP are to be honest. I think the direct connection is intermittent because some days, randomly, a few random files sync. That's what driving me more crazy. Either it should work or it shouldn't work -- what's with the random working business? ARGH. I'll give using tracker a shot again.
  6. Hello: I'm currently using Sync v1.2.92 There are 2 Windows 7 computers involved: A & B. A is behind a firewall and is on a static IP. B is also behind a firewall but is on DHCP-based ISP network. So I use A as the host. And B is primarily the back-up. It's supposed to connect to A and take a back-up whenever it switches itself on. And once in a while, if there's any activity on B, update A. On A, I have one folder shared. In "Properties" of that folder, everything is turned off except "Store deleted files in SyncArchive". On B, I have added that folder with the key. In "Properties" of that folder, everything is turned off except "Store deleted files in SyncArchive" and "Use predefined hosts" where I have provided the IP and port of A. I used a port check utility "" to make sure outside world can see into A at the specified port. Now, when both machines are on, they don't sync. Sync on A even shows the IP of B in "Devices" but the Status is usually written as "U: 4.7 GB". Nothing else. The folders were sync'd once upon a time, using Sync, and the total diff is only of about 23 files worth about 25-30 MB. A few days ago, it just stopped happening. What's even more frustrating is that on random days, a few new files are sync'd -- there's no way of telling which ones would be, and when (at least I've not determined a pattern). Sync on B doesn't show A in the "Devices" list at all. The debug is enabled, but on both computers the log only shows "FFFF". There are a crazy amount of ping requests on sync.log on both computers. I even tried to enable "Use relay server when required", "Use tracker server", and even "Search DHT network" with no luck. All this resulted in was a lot more data in sync log about these services but no actual data to be transferred. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a problem with Sync? How can I fix this please? Thanks,