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  1. Is there someplace I can download an older version of BitTorrent Sync? I really don't like the new interface, as well BitTorrent Sync has stopped working the same way it used to. I tried sending a log but that didn't fix my problem... I was just told my problem was a permissions issue on a folder that hasn't changed for 6 months, though it seemed to work just fine up until recently, nothing changed except my Sync version. 


    I also noticed while at work yesterday my files are being overwritten while I'm working on them (and saving them in the process) with older files.


    BitTorrent Sync worked perfectly for me until I updated.... where can I download a couple versions back?



  2. Hey, maybe I don't have the Syntax right, or somehow or other I am missing something on how to use .SyncIgnore


    Trying to sync my development web server (with static pages) between work laptop and home desktop.


    I tried two methods: creating a .SyncIgnore file with UTF-8 encoding and putting the one file I need to ignore in there : 

    # Files to Ignore for this directoryindex.php

    Otherwise I tried appending it to the .SyncIgnore file that already existed that looks like so: 

    # .SyncIgnore is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols.### OS generated files #.DS_Store.DS_Store?._*.Spotlight-V100.Trashesehthumbs.dbdesktop.iniThumbs.db/siteDev/index.php

    Neither method seems to prevent index.php from syncing.


    What am I doing wrong here? I tried searching for similar topics, apologize if the answer to this was already available.