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  1. Thanks for the answer. Probably this is idiot and is way too far from the real way btsync works, that's why I didnt make a feature request.
  2. Hello. I have let's say 4 instances : home, backup, work, granny I do my modifications at home, the others are storage (granny and colleagues loves musics) or are relays with high bandwidth. I just added one new 10GB file (actually a few music albums in flac). The upload of my home is 60 kB/s, the download of backup is avg 20 kB/s, wich is 60/3 I expected a download of 60 too. Is there a way to prioritize backup from the home server point of view, so that this server will FIRST be synchronized BEFORE any other server will ? This way I could save a lot of bandwidth. Another feature would be the sending of RANDOM chunks of data from a server to another. This way the chunks sent (4MB) are all differrent and can be exchanged by all the servers. This last point assumes of course this is not the case, I think I am wrong, but still there are reason to send a sequence of chunks to all servers. for this, I propose the following WEBUI modification :. - one SERVERS page, listing all the known instances, regrouped by priority (default : 0, same priority) on each instance : two arrows up/down to change priority by one , and a number to give it a priority (eg -1 for better priority, -10 for highest priority, 10 for lowest priority) on each group : up/down arrow to change the priority value of the whole group - for each synced folder, the same page but restricted to this folder: so we only have the instances syncing this folder, regrouped by priority, with the option to give each server a specific priority or reset it to default plus, we have a link to the main priorities page
  3. my dear, you only sync a folder to a key, not a drive. (unless the drive is a folder like in linux) So you supposely have one folder sync to a key, another folder (on another device) synced to the same key, and the two servers will discuss and choose which file to transfer over the network. so you first installed a serveron the W7 (windows 7), then on the S8 (server 2008). You associated a folder in the W7 to a key, and a folder in the S8 to the same key Your problem is that, after creating a new file in W7, and waited for 10 min (it can take a while to rescan the files), the file was not transmitted to the S8 ? Meanwhile a file created in S8 is transmitted to W7 ?
  4. Hello. What is your btsinc version ? Are the folder added on some other device (edit : you say it works, sorry) ? do you have any clue in /var/lib/btsync/sync.log ? Maybe you can give me a key to test ( maybe create a new folder, dump in some bin file) to create a file(here test.bin) with given size (here 10*1MB) of random data you can use: dd if=/dev/urandom of=test.bin bs=1M count=10 I had a problem with btsync on my device, mounting external network drive with permissions and resovled it by making btsync daemon run with root credentials on my rpi.
  5. I think I got it. Since I was forcing the user and the file mode on my mount options, this prevented thde btsync daemon from cvhanging their permissions (ie to set them as a+rw) I ran dpkg-reconfigure btsync and selected the daemon to run as root/root. from now on I don't have any error in the log file. I was downloading lots of mp3 files and this requested a sudo chmod a+rwx -R every 5 minutes or so. I had a juicessh connection activated for this :/
  6. ok so what is happening now : The daemon starts downloading files (I checked it, new files are downloaded) However it gradually reduces its download speed When I check the log, I have 4 kinds of messages : - [20140522 13:54:55.866] /media/freebox/Musiques/flac/Tryö/2008 - Ce que l'on sème/11 - Le temps.flac: Piece 676 complete - [20140522 13:58:06.789] SyncFileEntry: Failed to write attributes for file /media/freebox/Musiques/flac/Rodrigo y Gabriela/2006 - Rodrigo Y Gabriela/05 - Ixtapa.flac - 1 - the previous two When the transfer rate is low, I can make a sudo chmod a+rwx -R and it works I assume the program tries to specify the attributes, which are overwritten by my mount options /media/freebox cifs _netdev,user=guest,sec=none,rw,users,iocharset=utf8,uid=1000,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,exec Maybe I should change those mount options ? It's strange because I had no problem before (fro mmy ubuntu laptop)
  7. OK, I wrote over the new bin (arm 1.3.105) I still have those errors, but the gui says it's downloading the files at a correct rate, so I assume it's good. [20140521 23:23:09.534] TorrentFile: Failed to create empty suffix for file "/media/freebox/Musiques/mp3/Les Wriggles/2002 - ah bah ouais mais bon/01 - pourquoi ? (Les Wriggles, ah bah ouais mais bon).mp3" - 13 [20140521 23:23:09.536] SyncFilesController: failed to load torrent for file "/media/freebox/Musiques/mp3/Les Wriggles/2002 - ah bah ouais mais bon/01 - pourquoi ? (Les Wriggles, ah bah ouais mais bon).mp3" I was too fast, the problem is still present in this version. d/l stalled, log still flooded of errors hmm … made another chmod a+rwx -R and it's working. I feel like lost. BTW, the webui stopped eating a whole CPU (on firefox)
  8. it's version 1.3.94 (I put it in the tags) I'm trying the 105, replying as soon as possible.
  9. Hello it's me again. I sill have some issues (while it's been a while since I had to complain) edit : fixed with: dpkg-reconfigure btsync select run as : root/root I have a internet box whith NAS function. So I started d/l my 100GB music on this NAS, using btsync 1.3.93 on my laptop with ubuntu 14.04 x86-64 I downloaded some 30 GB before I received my raspberry pi, for the sole purpose of handling this task. I just installed raspbian on it, it is working very good. HOWEVER I installed btsync, using the repository available for my Pi, and after reindexing the files, it started downloading the missing GB. It's not doing anything actually, and the log files contain several of this two-line error (actuallyone for each file remaining to download) : [20140521 22:15:51.129] TorrentFile: Failed to create empty suffix for file "/media/freebox/Musiques/flac/Poncho Sanchez/1999 - Latin Soul/02 - Ven Pa Bailar.flac" - 13 [20140521 22:15:51.130] SyncFilesController: failed to load torrent for file "/media/freebox/Musiques/flac/Poncho Sanchez/1999 - Latin Soul/02 - Ven Pa Bailar.flac" I tried to restart the daemon, but as soon as it is ready it spams those errors. Am I supposed to delete the full NAS directory to get my files back ? I made a sudo chmod a+rwx -R in the mounted directory but this does not work.
  10. hmm, I can't edit the topic to signal it [solved using 1.3]. I am still moving like 10 GB of flacs, so well I think it's good if it does not crash with the stress I am imposing it it seems the problem is completely solved to me, other issues I may have are not relevant to the topic. Thanks again
  11. yes, saw this and installed it on HOME NAS. Stille need the .deb for ubuntu to be released. Now the system just works fine : I added 400 MB album in FLAC and it is recognized at once, started upload. Even better, it seems the upload is better shared among the existing clients, so my NAS actually uploads 50 kB/s data (before it sent the same data to the different client, wasting bandwidth) However, I notice a high CPU load on my NAS, even prior to the adding of new FLAC. If it becomes too annoying I'll make another thread. thanks a lot.
  12. thank you for your answer. Looking forward to get 1.3 …
  13. OK, it seems to be working now. Last thing I did was a chmod to FLAC/* now BOTH MP3 and FLAC work (most modifications were propagated during night), while I did NOTHING to MP3 to make it work. BTW I made HOME and BACKUP use only DHT and tracker (no relay, no lan). So, it took like … 4 days to start synchronize data ? I assume I did something wrong, but I can't understand what.
  14. Hello. I chose to use btsync to synchronize my musics over different devices. I have two directories to share: - FLAC contains 27GB in 1200 files - MP3 contains 51 GB in 8500 files HOME nas : I have a NAS (DNS 320 with ffp installed. I have the version 1.2.92 running on it). the webui is only enabled on LAN (no routing from WAN) BACKUP server : I have a kimsufi server, running ubuntu saucy 13.10 x86_64. The btsync comes from the PPA. WORK station : I listen my music while working. My workstation is an HP Z200 with ubuntu saucy , x86_64. btsync comes from PPA What I did : - add the flac and MP3 share in the HOME daemon - store RW and RO keys - added RO keys to WORK and BACKUP . Synchronization started, very slow because home bandwidth is bad - copied on USB both directories, added them to the WORK directories. btsync ok, did send the data from WORK and HOME to BACKUP Here everything was OK. Then I added another album in FLAC on HOME nas . This album was not pushed toward WORK and BACKUP. the webui showed : HOME : FLAC : 27.7 GB to send, nothing sending (actually just one GB to send) BACJUP/WORK : FLAC : 26.6 GB to send to HOME, no upload(actually, nothing to send, just data to receive) I restarted every daemon, ensured access through sudo chmod a+rwx FLAC -R , touched the corresponding files, nothing to do. I removed the btsync folders in the FLAC, removed the btsync share and re-added it : nothing to do. I created a new folder containing the data, with RW access on HOME, RO in BACKUP : data sent with no problem. Now I am testing : removing .btsync folders from HOME, BACKUP FLAC folders, removing the FLAC from webui ; re-adding the FLAC share. on HOME I activated the debugh through echo FFFF > debug.txt I have a lot of ping . I also have NAT complaining at the beginning, but it does not prevent upload of new share so I think it is not related. WHAT should I do ? I really want to share my HOME folder to work, and save it on BACKUP. I dont want to have RW access on any of those two servers for security reasons. So btsync seems like the best solution for me. If only it was working in the intended way …