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  1. @Firon: I don't get the point. Why don't you have write access with the android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission? The android API documentation says, that it should work... http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/data/data-storage.html
  2. Since due to selective sync and syncignore, files doesn't necessarily exist on all connected hosts, it would be useful to know the current redundancy of a file in the sync folder. We're working on a decentralized storage of our data on several computers. If a file only exists on a single host (all other hosts ignore it) that host should know that. Deleting it would be bad then... :-) So, the get_files api method should include a field "availability". A new method "get_file_peers" could return all peers, that currently share this file. Another selective sync feature: searching for files. Currently you have to browse the "virtual tree" recursively via get_files to search for a specific file. I'm sure, the client could to this much faster. A find_file api method could return an entry similar to the get_files items (almost... it must include a "path" entry) if a file exists... or an empty object, if not. And... yes, why not... what about a find_files_regex method?
  3. Also started a topic in the api dev forum... Currently unselecting files (even if using the selective sync api feature) doesn't seem to be possible. But it should be :-) You aren't. :-)
  4. If you have selected files for downloading, you'll never get rid of them without deleting them from all synced devices (even when downloaded:0 was set). I would just like to unselect a synced file (set download to 0) and btsync has to remove it from my harddisk while it stays on all other devices. I consider this as a bug since a selection should not be permanent.