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  1. I have an Illumos NAS at home (OmniOS) as a VM. Another VM is an Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS x64 VM. On OmniOS I have a userdir (ZFS DataSet) that has 3 folders (Documents, Pictures, Videos). Each of these folders is NFS shared to my Ubuntu VM as my user (same UID=1000). That same OmniOS zfs dataset/userdir is shared via CIFS. So as an example: OmniOS Ubuntu CIFS from OmniOS /tank/joltman/Documents /home/joltman/Documents \\\joltman\Documents I have btsync (1.3.92) on the Ubuntu headless server VM. It shares out the /home/joltman/Documents to other btsync devices (my Windows 8.1 x64 Pro laptop). I can successfully, add/change/remove a file on my laptop and the file will get pushed to the Ubuntu server and it's changed successfully. Awesome! However, if from another Windows machine, I push a file to \\\joltman\Documents\, my laptop will not update the file (even after 10 minutes). If I restart the btsync daemon, the file gets updated. If I login to the btsync webpage on Ubuntu, the file gets updated. It doesn't seem to happen automatically. I don't think this is a huge issue, but it's something I noticed. It's most likely an issue because I'm pushing a file to the CIFS link (which runs through OmniOS) and not to a SMB share from the Ubuntu VM. I'm just curious if others have had this issue and if there's anything I can do to solve it? Thanks!
  2. What would it take to get btsync working on Illumos? Is it just a matter of users requesting?
  3. I joined the forum just for this post. I really want the btsync app to work in Illumos. Specifically, I use OmniOS for home use. I would love to have the ability to have btsync support my wife's userdir and my userdir. I want her to be able to save docs to a folder on her laptop where ever she is, and it gets synced back home. Please please please make a build for Illumos/OmniOS. I'll be requesting open source as well in the OSS thread. Thanks!