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  1. In the older versions of the Linux client, users could type the path when adding a folder. This field is now grayed out, users must navigate through the folder structure to reach the target folder. This is not workable, as some users have rights to sub-folders but not the parent folders. The inability to add folders by typing the full path severely limits the utility of BTSync. Please fix.
  2. Thanks nils, that took care of the perma-sync issue between the Mac and the Mint box. I haven't had any luck getting 1.3.x running on my other slot, it just crashes as soon as I run it. No more info than that for now. I wiped btsync and went back to 1.2.x over there, seems to be running really well. I'll see what info I can put together about that Linux environment, it might be useful to the btsync devs. Thanks SO much for your tip about .SyncIgnore. As others have mentioned, this isn't a great solution for multi-Mac environments, but it's ok with me for now.
  3. After upping to v1.3.67 on Mac and Linux, most of my folders have never stopped syncing. It's almost like it's re-scanning the file structures, similar to if one was to re-add a sync folder that already resides on disk. No real data is being passed around, but it's been going for 2 days now. I thought something got tweaked out of line, so figured I'd delete each sync folder on the RO "clients" and re-add them (Linux webUI), and leave Mac "master" alone. The issue now is that after adding the secret, entering the disk path and hitting Add in the webUI, btsync shuts down. K'boom. So I can either sync forever, or not at all. During the never-ending sync, I'm seeing the following in the log, repeatedly: [20140326 16:37:49.171] Error downloading file <path> [20140326 16:37:49.394] <IP:port>: did not pick any blocks. blocking peer temporarily [20140326 16:37:49.500] TorrentFile: failed to copy stream suffix <path> [20140326 16:37:49.500] TorrentFile: failed to delete stream suffix file <path> [20140326 16:37:50.018] Error: <path> - PostDownload: hostname not found There's no log output for the crash, the log just ends. Help a noob? Interestingly, I just found that btsync won't stay running for more than a few seconds anymore. The "crash when I click Add" was just a wicked timing coincidence. Think I'm going to blow away btsync and start from scratch on one machine. If that works, I'll do the other one. But I'll hang for a bit, see if anyone has some tasty nuggets of wisdom ...