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  1. Thanks, team! Files support on iOS is amazing! I'm excited to put this to work! Question. I'm using the linux deb repository. It's still showing 2.5.13. Is that right as of now? Will the update be pushed soon? Or do I have some other issue?
  2. Just asking. Haven't seen any major releases in a while - last minor release was in January... Thanks!
  3. I'm still having this issue... Any feedback here?
  4. You said, "You're right." Are you talking about my ask for increased transparency? If so, that's great! It would be awesome if the enthusiasts of the sync community could better understand the roadmap, etc.
  5. Thanks for the response, Helen. I know you're all busy working on Resilio, but I feel like right now the current user community could benefit from some transparency. For example, while you may feel that your response is sufficient, many of us are wondering 1) what could be a higher priority right now and 2) why it took someone from support 4 months after my initial post to just to confirm that the team is aware of said feature. Please consider being a bit more transparent, as it will instill confidence in the users, and it may prevent people from switching to other providers.
  6. I would rather use Resilio Sync than iCloud, but I've switched to iCloud Drive for my frequently used files, as Resilio isn't updating to use the proper APIs and has been silent on this. I'm concerned that this project / company may go the way of the dodo.
  7. I'm still getting a select few locked files that aren't sync'ing properly. According to the release notes, recent updates have addressed them. I'm 100% on the newest version for all 3 clients.
  8. I have this exact issue. Would be great to get some feedback as to how I should fix.
  9. Yes. I think the dev team should comment on this fairly quickly, as it's kinda important to know if my primary file sync'ing app will actually hook into my primary mobile operating system properly.
  10. Hi All, Have the resilio devs looked into iOS11 and what that might mean for providing a tighter Resilio Sync integration into file management with iOS? Thanks!
  11. I just updated. Great work on the UI! It looks way cleaner.
  12. I'm a Pro user, and I've had some issues in the past where an upgrade didn't work and also where I inadvertently entered the wrong license name, so I have like two license files in my sync settings. Would it be a sound strategy at this point to just kill all my sync settings, start from scratch, and start on 2.4?
  13. Yes it's true. This product has been a damn disaster for me. Pre 2.0, it was fine. Then 2.0 came, and they forced "identities" rather than just folder keys. I paid for the upgrade, wanting to support the company, but now somehow I have two different identities. Also when I upgraded my FreeBSD FreeNAS instance to 2.3.X, yep it totally forgot the identity and shared folders so I had to re-configure BTSync from the start. Now one of my folders has an extra layer of nesting in there that I don't feel like cleaning up, for fear that I'll somehow create a 3rd identity. I.E. On my Mac, my files are Sync-Folders->Misc->{Files}. On my NAS, they're Sync-Folders->Misc->Misc->{Files}. The best part about the old btsync was the simplicity of the folder keys. Yes. I know these are still supported, but these are the old way, and it's not the direction the company is moving. This identity system is garbage.
  14. What you're saying is correct, but let's put the upsell strategy aside. The migration, even for someone paying for BTSync, was NASTY. It still is. I just upgraded a 2.2 FreeNAS box to 2.3.1 the exact same way I always do, and this time it forgot the identity, and I couldn't remove it from my other devices, so now I have an extra device that doesn't exist (the old NAS unit), and the new one is called something else. It was SO much cleaner to just have keys for folders, rather than wrapping things up with an account or identity.
  15. It has been a while since there have been any updates. Would love to see some stuff cranked out! The iOS client could especially use some polish and bug fixes.
  16. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious... I just got a new computer, and I'd like it to start sync'ing all of my folders. I opened it up, and if I click "add folder" I can either choose a standard folder or I get a prompt to upgrade. When I click "My Devices" again there is just a prompt to upgrade to pro, which I have. It appears that the only way to tell this new computer that I have a pro license is to search my e-mail for the key and download it, right? Okay so then I went and downloaded my license, I figured that it would use that key to propagate the folders... Nope. No folders. Hmmm okay... So now I click Devices again and "Link Device." Then it shows me the QR code, and it says that if I scan w/ the Sync app, I can link my devices. Okay... I open up my sync app, and I scan the QR code. Now my mobile app says that it will be linked to "My New Device" and receive all the folders. That's not really what I want. I want my existing folders on the new computer. Immediately. This was very easy to do w/ the old system where nothing was tied to an account and everything was just a unique folder. The on the new device, I went to add a device manually, but based on the language, it looks like this is actually something I should do on the existing device first. Okay. Onto the existing machine... got the code, typed it into the new machine, boom! Folders added! So... The good news is that this all works. The bad news is that I don't think it's that intuitive. Unless I'm a moron... but it seems like when you first start up sync on a new machine, maybe it should ask about this? Anyhow, just some feedback! I feel like a lot of great work has been gone into smoothing things out for existing users, but adding a new device to an existing pro account isn't that intuitive!
  17. Looks like this UI bug was introduced in the newest version. It happens on all 3 of my Macs.
  18. +1 to this topic. How can I change my iPhone from being called 'iPhone'? My wife has an iPhone too - I want to name them distinct things.
  19. See the attached image. This is what I get when I click "Upgrade to Pro" within the application.
  20. When I use the link in the app to "upgrade to pro" I'm taken to a license screen that still shows $39.99 / year.
  21. WOW! A perpetual license for home users?? BTSYNC, take my money! Going to buy now. Hmm looks like perpetual licenses can't be purchased online yet.
  22. Okay so I was able to open the file by using "open in" from the Bittorrent Sync app. That's good... Then it opens. That's also good! I made a couple changes in the file, and I saved it. Then Numbers says updating: Then it's done updating: Note that the text stays green after updating. Is this to indicate that it's a file hosted elsewhere? Then I opened the file on my Mac. It was not updated . Then I decided to open the Bittorrent Sync app on my iPhone to see if it's updated there... I clicked the file once just to see if the changes were saved locally. Nope... They weren't... Hmmm... so what happened? What do I need to do to get round-trip editing working? Is this a bug or some type of user error?
  23. @RomanZ, I apologize for the delay in response. I'm trying to use Numbers on iOS to open our family budget file. Here is my workflow... 1) I open up Sync to make sure there are peers and my folders are in there: 2) I open Numbers: 3) I click the "plus" in the top left to add something from Sync: 4) I browse to the folder where I expect to see the file. It's not there: 5) I open up sync. It's there: 6) Then I think... "Hmmm.. do I have to download it first so the file is local? I thought the whole point of this was to be able to grab it from the "cloud" i.e. my collection of servers. I try it anyways. I click to sync it: 7) I go through the same workflow again... Now the file is there! 8) I click the file, but nothing opens, and I'm kicked back to the default Numbers screen. Let me know if you have more questions!
  24. Hi There, First of all, THANK YOU for releasing iCloud Drive support in the newest version of Sync. However, I don't think it's working 100%. I have a shared folder on my mobile device. I don't want everything sync'd - way too much data... If I browse in the sync app to the sub-folder where my file is, it's there. woot. If I want to open it, and I navigate via the document picker in-app from another app, it doesn't show the document there. Anyone else seeing this?
  25. I'm sure this was user error. I deleted the .sync directory... Now one of my devices can't seem to sync properly. How do I fix this? I've tried stopping / restarting, and it always says "cannot identify the destination folder."