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  1. No NAT and the MTU is allready 1500. How can i affect replication traffic ? IIRC BTSync should be able to work even without internet connection, correct ? So it should be able to sync between routed subnets (or do i need to have a tracker server for the routed segments to see each other) ? Therefore the predefined hosts setting should be useful, right ? Does the predefined hosts setting (on the server) affect client connection behaviour (of clients not added to the hosts list) ?
  2. RomanZ, I have since prepared a little time. Here is a sketch of the network. I've added all BitTorrentSync clients on the QNAP's other clients as predefined hosts. The sync devices only use the local network. (But I have already tried to manage the devices via the Tracking Server.) One question I have, all sync devices should use the same port or all devices use a different port? I have already tried both options. QNAP-TBSync.pdf
  3. RomanZ, thanks for the quick support! I'll be the firewall settings check again. I will assign each host predefined hosts. After that I will give a feedback. regards jerue
  4. The two are connected via Backbone-VPN. They are in two different subnets but they allready routed. All QNAP´s get an ip from dhcp-server. From location A, I can access the web interface on the Cient from Site B without problems.
  5. Hi everybody, following senario: All devices are QNAP-212P (BitTorrent Sync Version 1.1.82) Two sites connected via VPN only routed without firewall in between. All of them have the same secret-key and the same shared folder. In Site A, each device finds the other. Once there is a device in location B, it can be seen none of the site A. All devices in A can´t see the device in B. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a problem with Sync? Thanks Jerue