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  1. Syncing pictures seems broken under BitTorrent Sync 1.4.71 for iPad on iOS 8.0.2. Both, iPad and mac say, files were synced, but I can not find new pictures in my Mac. I left the folder on my mac and added it again. Without success. Photo-Sync does work on my iPhone. Thanks.
  2. GreatMarko, Thanks for the great support!
  3. What happens if another device connects with the key later on, after I deleted all files? In that case the deleted files from the .sync/Archive will not be transferred, right?
  4. Thanks again! +1 from me for the use-case 'key is no longer safe'.
  5. Thanks for your quick reply, GreatMarko! As I shared the now insecure key with 20+ users, I can not easily ensure, everyone changes the key. Can I remotely wipe all shared files for the old key? I could set up one machine, that uses the old key, is always online, and I would delete all files within the synched folder. Thanks, again!
  6. I am sharing a folder with BitTorrent Sync on multiple machines. I fear someone unauthorized got access to the key. What am I supposed to do? I could change the key (formerly known as secret). (Open Folder Info => “Full access secret” => New) How can I ensure, the old key does not work any longer? What happens, when I change the key on one device on other devices, that use the older key? Thanks!
  7. Very much agreed. Same for me! .SyncArchive is a first step.