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  1. I think the issues are threefold: 1. Suddenly being charged for functionality that previously existed, when the community was explicitly told that wouldn't happen 2. Community feels used by BitTorrent Inc. A number of people have spent a lot of time essentially acting as free testers for the BT Sync team, only to be suddenly expected to pay after providing all that free work. 3. $40 is a steep price (if you don't believe me, look at the analysis of Valve's Steam Sale methodology - cheaper unit prices generate higher total revenue), especially as a recurring subscription fee. I can only s
  2. I echo what everyone else is saying. 1. What service exactly is BitTorrent providing that justifies a $40/year subscription fee? $40? Really? To do what, run an optional tracker server? 2. "All features available in 1.4 will be in 2.0" Except for the new arbitrarily-crippled folder limit. This has a vaguely sleazy feel to it. On the plus side, one benefit of this business decision is to push more users to SyncThing and spur development of that already-excellent app further.
  3. Hi RomanZ, thanks for replying. I'd use UPnP but can't use it at work, so just relied on doing it manually. Here is the configuration on the work side. Here is the configuration on the home side. Tracker server is enabled and the provider doesn't NAT us; all WAN IP's are public. Is there a way to see why it isn't connecting?
  4. I have two BTSync nodes, both running latest client and both running Windows 7 pro with all patches applied. I cannot, for the life of me, get them to sync without using the relay server. I've disabled Windows' firewall on both ends. I've forwarded the correct ports in my pfsense routers on both ends. How can I fix this?
  5. Hi there, Wanted to chime in with a couple issues I'm seeing with this release. First (big one): Devices won't sync until I kill BT Sync and re-open it. For instance, I changed some .txt and .bat files at home on Saturday, and came into work on Sunday to find those files had not updated. Once I closed BT Sync on both hosts (home and work) and relaunched it, the changed files suddenly synced. Both hosts are Windows 7 Professional, with correct time set, and both running the latest build (.109). Second: On the sync repo server for Tron and PDQ Deploy, I'm also seeing the "infinite upload
  6. Any option besides a hard cap would be great, there are a number of use-cases where more than 50 peers is very desirable.
  7. Enabling DHT on the individual share can raise the limit (it seems to around 75-100), but the log file still fills with errors about "PEER LIMIT REACHED," so it's only a partial fix. Developers, can you comment on this issue please?
  8. I've posted about this before and was told "no updates at this time," but this is a pressing need and a very easy fix. Please, remove the 50-peer hard cap in BT Sync!! Abolish it, raise it significantly, or add a GUI option to let it be configurable, This cannot be a difficult change, and I can't imagine what possible negative effects there could be. I'm attempting to host some projects for people to use and am constantly bumping into this hard peer cap issue. I know the team is very busy, but this would be extremely helpful if you could find time to implement it. Thank-you.
  9. Hey Vildhet, some good news. After installing the latest version and letting it run for quite a while, it seems that a) it isn't crashing any more, and it does connect to a lot of peers now, about the same amount as previously. It takes longer to get connected than with v1.2.91, but does end up connecting. So we can probably consider this thread closed. Thanks for your help.
  10. OK, it isn't crashing now, but it's still connecting with far less peers than normal (~20 instead of 50). I have debug logging turned on but am not seeing anything specifically related to peers. What next?
  11. Sure thing, I'll load up the latest version (appears to be 1.3.94 as of 2014-05-10) and see if it crashes again. The primary problem I'm experiencing is that it will not connect to very many peers as compared with v1.2.91. A significantly reduced amount (from 50 down to about 10, if I'm lucky).
  12. Thanks for the update, change log, and hard work. Keep it up.
  13. Just a quick update, the latest version (v1.3.89) continually crashes for me on Windows XP SP3. When it does stay running, it only maintains about 20 connected peers across two shares. When I roll back to v1.2.91, it works fine and suddenly connects to about 30-40 peers per folder share. Currently still running v1.2.91 because I have hosts needing updates, but I can roll back to v1.3.89 for more log collection or testing if you need.
  14. Hi RomanZ, Thanks for the quick response. When I started Sync and waited a couple minutes to collect logs, it crashed. :-P I submitted the crash report via the in-app pop up. Log is attached below. sync.zip