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  1. I think the issues are threefold: 1. Suddenly being charged for functionality that previously existed, when the community was explicitly told that wouldn't happen 2. Community feels used by BitTorrent Inc. A number of people have spent a lot of time essentially acting as free testers for the BT Sync team, only to be suddenly expected to pay after providing all that free work. 3. $40 is a steep price (if you don't believe me, look at the analysis of Valve's Steam Sale methodology - cheaper unit prices generate higher total revenue), especially as a recurring subscription fee. I can only s
  2. I echo what everyone else is saying. 1. What service exactly is BitTorrent providing that justifies a $40/year subscription fee? $40? Really? To do what, run an optional tracker server? 2. "All features available in 1.4 will be in 2.0" Except for the new arbitrarily-crippled folder limit. This has a vaguely sleazy feel to it. On the plus side, one benefit of this business decision is to push more users to SyncThing and spur development of that already-excellent app further.