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  1. I encounter the same issue. Any idea?
  2. Hi guys, I have two machines (Windows, Linux) connected via wlan on the same network and one client (Linux) connected over the internet to these two. All syncing a common folder with Bittorrent Sync. My problem occurs when I'm starting to set up an upload limit on the Windows machine. Let's say 80kb/s. While Bittorrent Sync continues to sync with adequate speed (~1Mb/s) to the local peer, the upload rate to the peer that is connected over the internet stops completely and only shows 0kb/s-0.3kb/s. The moment I disable the upload limit on the windows machine, the problem disappears and it continues to sync the former halted items with sufficient speed. Meanwhile, the upload speed to the local peer remains stable. The peer that is connected over the internet already synced some files before, but was offline for a few days. I'm aware of the timestamp issue that causes these 0.0kb/s items, but I do not understand why this changes when I set up an upload limit. Before (With Upload Limit) After (Without Upload Limit) _________________________________________ I have the following configuration set up: - Raspberry Pi running Wheezy-Raspbian BtSync 1.2.91, Linux Server VersionDownload Limit: 0Upload Limit: 20lan_encrypt_data= falselan_use_tcp=truerate_limit_local_peers=falseRead-Only - Netbook running Lubuntu BtSync 1.2.91, Linux GUI Version on LubuntuDownload Limit: 0Upload Limit: 20Read-Only- Notebook running Windows 8.1 BtSync 1.2.91Download Limit: 0Upload Limit: 80lan_encrypt_data= falselan_use_tcp=truerate_limit_local_peers=false