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  1. I've been using Syncthing for a few months now and this is the first update on BitTorrent Sync that I've seen in at least a couple months. What benefit does BitTorrent Sync have over Syncthing?
  2. I wouldn't hold my breath since they laid off almost one third of their workforce.
  3. Great. Now I get "Cannot identify the destination folder." on most folders and "Database error." on the rest. That's on 2 Linux machines and 1 Android tablet.
  4. So far the only "workaround" that has been given is that you have to go ahead and install it as Pro. Then you set ALL your devices' clocks ahead 31 days so it expires the free trial. Then you can set all your devices' clocks back to the correct time. They really need to give you the option of not trying the pro version if you know you're not going to use it.
  5. Keeping folders disconnected as a default could probably work but there doesn't seem to be an option for that on the tablet. Any file(s) I might need from and of the devices are already shared on all the devices. The things I won't need on certain devices are probably never going to be needed on that device. It's just a bit annoying to see folders listed even if they're not taking up space.
  6. I have 5 days left on the free trial in 2.0. I'm really not liking the Private Identity "feature" as it seems to make things more complicated. I have three devices, 2 desktop computers and one Android tablet. I have a couple folders that I share between desktop 1 and desktop 2, a few things shared between all 3 devices, a few things shared between desktop 1 and the tablet, and a few things shared between desktop 2 and the tablet. Sharing absolutely everything and putting it into "/home/username/BitTorrent Sync" doesn't seem to be a very sensible default. With 1.4.x I set up each machine and told it what to share and where. With 2.0.x I set up each machine and have to immediately stop it from sharing anything, disconnect each folder, re-connect each folder that I want (ignoring the folders that aren't need on that machine) and point it to the actual location where I want it. Then I'm left with a few folders on each machine that are sitting there, disconnected because they're not needed but I have to keep them in the list because when I try to remove them the software tells me "This will delete the folder from everything in the universe" or some nonsense like that. I really can't remove it from one device? I really have to have every folder everywhere or erase it from all existence? I might end up using 1.4.111 again on my desktops and 1.4.65 on the tablet. Will they keep getting any kind of updates related to security? Will they tolerate having 2.0-style folders in the settings file or do I have to start from scratch to go back to 1.4.111?
  7. That's really weird. There is an ReadFile error in the log file that support asked about. File permissions and ownership seem to be set how they're supposed to be.
  8. They asked for some clarification after the first email they sent. It seems to have started working after I replied to them. Are they able to fix things remotely?
  9. Both desktops are on the same LAN. Desktop 1: [20150409 11:02:10.186] total physical memory -1 max disk cache 2097152[20150409 11:02:10.194] Loading config file version 2.0.104[20150409 11:02:10.194] My PeerID: 10FC85AB94F4F55ED589BEF6F0A87E5BD8755973[20150409 11:02:10.196] MD[init]: Master Folder: load[20150409 11:04:14.199] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:14.203] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:14.206] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:14.206] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:14.207] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:14.208] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:14.209] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:14.210] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:14.213] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:14.215] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:15.331] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:16.189] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:16.189] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:21.933] Disconnect: Connection closed[20150409 11:04:24.704] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:24.704] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:24.704] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:25.775] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:30.076] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:31.572] did not pick any blocks. blocking peer temporarily[20150409 11:04:32.473] Disconnect: Is seed[20150409 11:04:35.432] Incoming connection from 2: [20150409 11:02:11.845] total physical memory -1 max disk cache 2097152[20150409 11:02:11.847] Loading config file version 2.0.104[20150409 11:02:11.847] My PeerID: 10C3743A9D3DE140CF691B184638C94CA113E7CC[20150409 11:02:11.847] MD[init]: Master Folder: load[20150409 11:04:15.293] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:15.295] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:15.296] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:15.298] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:15.303] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:15.304] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:16.193] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:24.700] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:24.701] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:30.072] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:47.118] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:49.419] did not pick any blocks. blocking peer temporarily[20150409 11:04:50.316] Disconnect: Is seed[20150409 11:04:53.743] Incoming connection from[20150409 11:04:59.208] Incoming connection from 1's IP ends in 101, desktop 2's IP ends in 100, the Android tablet's IP ends in 102. There still seems to be no problem syncing between the tablet and either desktop. The folders shared between the desktops show 0 of 1 peers. The firewall on both desktops allow all traffic from each other.
  10. I have two Linux desktops and one Android tablet sharing several folders. The desktops no longer see each other but both desktops see the tablet. The following lines seem to get repeated in the log on both desktops. [20150408 13:10:01.202] Incoming connection from[20150408 13:10:01.202] SSLEH[0x0a0b0380]: SSLEncryptHandler: failed to find SyncDiscovery[20150408 13:10:01.202] Disconnect: Peer error: Connection reset by peer
  11. For anyone replacing 2.0 with 1.4 on Android, don't forget to uncheck "Auto-update" on it or you'll just end up with 2.0 the next time your device checks for updates.
  12. It's not the fact that there's a limit. It's the fact that BT told everyone that no features would be taken from free users when they rolled out the pro version. Syncing unlimited folders is a feature that BT took away from free users starting with 2.0.
  13. $39.99 works as a one-time fee. $39.99 per year is crazy when you're using your own hardware and bandwidth.
  14. Does 2.0 have the same advanced preferences in the config file that 1.4 uses? Since the 1.4 config is incompatible with 1.3 and 2.0 has at least a few new features that 1.4 does not, that suggests differences not listed in the changelog.
  15. Where do I find the 1.4 version for Android?
  16. You add specific folders to each instance of Sync. So you just add the Documents folder to the devices you want it synced to and don't add it to the phone.
  17. Does that mean you'll remove them from the get_prefs output or add them to the UI?
  18. I think mcai8rw2 is asking what the extra options are. GreatMarko gave two links to that info that I've also been looking for. NOW I have an additional question about some preferences that are usually hidden. Using the API I can use api?method=get_prefs and get a list of current settings. There are many items in the list that don't seem to be documented anywhere. Some can be guessed based on their name but some cannot: "s_url": "", "sdur": "0", "sid1": "0", "sid2": "0", "sid3": "0", "sid4": "0", "sid5": "0",I have no idea what those are and I'm not going to post the rest of the items that I don't recognize, either. That makes 3 lists of possible preference settings for Btsync. The settings from btsync --dump-sample-config The settings from curl -s -n localhost:8888/api?method=get_prefs The settings from this article. There is some overlap between all three lists.
  19. I'm running BTSync on an Android tablet and it refuses to auto start any time the device is fully powered off or rebooted. The tablet is a Nextbook NX0007HD running Android 4.1.1. The check-mark for auto-start is checked and stays checked any time I look at it. I rooted the device but didn't change the Android kernel or make any major changes.