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  1. Hello! I was wondering if BitTorrent could help me in my situation. We have a team of 20 people working for the same company. We are located across the US. Everybody has a folder "Projects' under "My Documents" (on C:). Under "Projects" Person 1 has subfolders "Project A" and "Project B" on his PC. Person 2 has subfolders "Project C" and "Project D" under "Projects" on his PC. We all have a network folder (I'll call it "NF") that we all can access. 1. I want each team member to be able to sync all his subfolders under "Projects" to NF. 2. I do NOT want ALL subfolders under NF to sync back to EVERYBODY's "Projects" folder (like Acronis does). I want Person 1 (above) to sync to NF only his "Project A" and "Project B" subfolders; and I want Person 2 to sync to NF only his "Project C" and "Project D" subfolders. Google Drive, for exampe, allows that. 3. Once a person is done working on a specific project, I want him to be able to sync it to NF one last time and then to stop syncing and leave it only on NF - so that the project folder is sitting permanently under NF, but is not synced back to this person's "Projects" anymore. Thanks a lot for your comments!