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  1. After having to make some changes to my unRAID server I now have 2.0 folders on both ends of my syncing (Mac to unRAID). Currently I haven't opted for a PRO license since I only have 4 folders syncing, but thought I might have to in order to set RO. Even then, I'd only get a single user license. What I want to do: 3 folders on Mac - set to RO (only changes on the Mac are used) 1 folder on unRAID - set to RO (only changes on unRAID are used) Well, it would seem when I setup the 2 ends I now have the same user on each. This was probably due to my overall confusion of what the new apps were asking me. And speaking of that, if it's a PRO license for an individual, how many "users" can you have under it? Just one? So, if I'm thinking about this properly, if both ends are the same user name, do they have the same certificate or different since they were created on a different device? Reason I ask, if they're identical in every way than how can I change permissions on one end?? Does that still work? Whatever I do I'd really like to avoid both ends having to re-index everything. I have TB's on each side and that just woulnd't be cool to do now a 3rd time! So can somebody help me out here?
  2. I don't get this new version at all. I tried to remove a folder marked with 1.4 in one location and re-add and all it did was re-add it as a 1.4 folder when I clicked the link icon on the empty folder. Then the damn thing started indexing again! It's already been indexed for crying out loud! So did I do this incorrectly? Do I need to disconnect both clients folders in order to get them in as 2.0 versions? And why does it have to re-index when it's already 100% indexed? WTF! I stopped the damn thing indexing on one folder and then removed it and the folder contents are completely hosed now on one end! Seriously, what the hell just happened. And no, I didn't select remove contents from folder when I removed it. How do I remove a folder from Sync safely and keep all contents so I can change over to 2???? I really don't know that I like this new version. I tried to re-add back in the folder I had to remove because this thing up and removed my files and then it tried to re-add it on the other end as a different name (with a 1 after it) because the folder already existed. And it did this automatically. I already have folders setup that I want to change to 2 WITHOUT losing already existing content and I'd prefer without reindexing both ends again. How can I accomplish this on my remaining 2 folders that are 1.4 versions on both ends (only 2 computers in my setup). This is frustrating as all...
  3. I don't have an answer for you, but I am having the same issue as you from time to time. My Mac Mini sync's 3 folders with my unRaid server and I have one folder that just stops syncing at some point while the others are fine. Usually a restart of Sync on my Mini is all that is needed to get it "seeing" the peer again. Absolutely no idea why this is occurring though.
  4. Nevermind my comment on the logs for unRaid. I missed the part in that other post about how to setup the file.
  5. Yes - those errors are in the unRaid log. Not exactly sure what "stuck in Sync UI" means. On my Mini where I have the client running it will continually try to sync up those files or at least that's what it looks like. I'm running the latest non-beta unRaid 5.0.5. As for iTunes, I don't even have it actually managing the files yet on the Mini. I was in the process of combining me and my wife's libraries to the Mini which is my media server. All I've done so far is copy all the files into a directory, but haven't actually added it to iTunes on it yet. Maybe that has something to do with it, but I certainly don't understand why that would be. Once it is setup, the DB will be local. I'll turn on debug logging on the Mac client, but I don't see that option on the unRaid client. I also don't see any logs anywhere for BTSync on unRaid. Are you wanting me to give you a dump of the syslog when the problem is occurring? I'll have to setup a similar test like I did with a small subset of files to get this info for you. I've since removed the folders from sync since it wasn't working properly anyway.
  6. I just tried a test on a new folder with music files going from my Mac to my unRaid server (linux), made sure the .SyncIgnore files had everything suggested, and as soon as I added the folder to my server it started spewing errors. Is there no way around this? Am I not going to be able to sync up Music/iTunes files with this?
  7. Bump? Any comment or ideas here? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Well that didn't work either. I added those lines to the end of the .SyncIgnore files on both ends and as soon as I added the folder on my unRaid server it started spewing the errors in the logs: Jul 18 14:16:06 Tower shfs/user: shfs_setxattr: setxattr: /mnt/disk2/Media/music/iTunes Media/Acoustic Alchemy/Back On The Case/08 Freeze Frame.mp3 (95) Operation not supported Jul 18 14:16:06 Tower shfs/user: shfs_setxattr: setxattr: /mnt/disk2/Media/music/iTunes Media/Acoustic Alchemy/Back On The Case/09 On The Case.mp3 (95) Operation not supported Do I have to completely delete all the files on the unRaid side and let it completely sync again? For the 3rd time?
  9. Thanks. I added that one line to both ends of the sync, but it didn't have any affect at all. This is what it looks like: .DS_Store .DS_Store? ._* .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes ehthumbs.db desktop.ini Thumbs.db* But what you've provided have an asterisk in front of the name. Reason for that? Is that why my attempt didn't work?
  10. I found a post in another thread talking about a script to add something the .SyncIgnore file, but this has had no affect on this issue for me. I even added to the other end on unRaid and starting sharing the folder again. Nothing but errors in the logs for the files. Do I need to wipe out all the files on one end and start the sync again for this to actually clear and work with all these damn errors??
  11. So I've been trying to backup a large combined iTunes library to an unRaid target and I'm having nothing but trouble trying to do so. In every single file BTSync is trying to sync something called and on the recieving end (unRaid) it's erroring out every time. And it just keeps trying and trying and trying. I have NO idea what the heck is going on with this. I've been using this same method to keep my movies/TV files backed up for months now with no issues. Can anyone give me an idea what the heck is going on? Why is it trying to sync something that's inside the file wrapper???? I don't get it at all. See attached to see what I'm talking about. And this is the error on the other side of the connection (unRaid), not that this helps any: shfs_setxattr: setxattr: /mnt/disk2/Media/music/iTunes Media/Rosana/Lunas Rotas/11 Descubriendote.mp3 (95) Operation not supported
  12. Yes it does and there doesn't seem to any way of disabling it without disabling UPNP outright. Oh well. As long as it's nothing nefarious, I'm ok with it. Great software, BTW! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for that. I had a feeling it might be for stats or something, but I couldn't find anything on it. Maybe this should be added to the FAQ. And that also explains why the ports are still mapping since it has to have some way to communicate. Again, should be added to the FAQ so folks know what to expect. Thanks again.