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  1. Sorry guys looks like I have mixed two points together thus confusing my 'position' or 'claim'. Really all I was saying is that using Synth with FreeBSD you can still install a Resilio package, no custom 'set up' required. Jdrch is correct in saying that a pre-built package is no longer available, but I am saying Synth will create the package and install it for you....all you need to do is add the appropriate /etc/rc.conf line so that it starts up automatically if you require that. Then I confused the issue, when I said I have abandoned Resilio for Synchthing; and that comment should have been in another post. Sorry guys I did not mean to 'mix' the two. Jdrch, yes I am very familiar with Resiio and Synchthing and have made the decision. I am a big fan of the power and potential of the bittorrent protocol (for legitimate applications, especially commercial/enterprise applications), and I am still a fan of Resilio, but at this point in time I simply cannot keep using Resilio for various reasons.
  2. So as I mentioned earlier I use a program call Synth which downloads code and builds the packages on the machine. So I am not downloading pre-built packages, but am downloading the code, and Synth builds the packages on my machine. Similar to another program called Poudriere. Anyway, I finally got around to updating my machine, using Synth, which will re-build any required packages. Portmaster, which I only use to easily show which programs have updates available: ===>>> rslsync-2.6.3 ===>>> New version available: rslsync-2.7.1 And then I ran Synth and got this: 00:03:15 [02] success net-p2p/rslsync So it looks like Synth users can still build on the 2.7.1 version. That just said, for me however I have finished up migrating all my stuff to Synchthing, and will actually be uninstalling the net-p2p/rslsync package soon.
  3. Well I'll be dammed. I guess you could use portmaster to install it then. I've been using Synth to keep my repo up to date, but I am way over due for an upgrade. After I get everything moved over to Syncthing I will see if Synth will still build its own package. Looks like that will break now. That is a real shame. /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/synth If the folks at Resilio want to maximize the potential user base of their product they have to include it in the FreeBSD ports/packages tree. Please don't anyone turn this into a "no one uses FreeBSD" rant; lots of people use it; a lot more than people may realize. When the product was "BTSync" before they implemented the "selective sync" it heavy duty rock solid on FreeBSD (and other OSs I add) and then it got ghostly buggy after selective sync, imho. Best wishes everyone.
  4. I am one of the old users and have patiently waited for a mature product with proactive bug fixing. I have given up. I am migrating my stuff over to Syncthing. I'll check in from time to time, and if I see a product that finally is stable enough to use I will consider coming back. Today however I just cannot continue to try to use something that still has ghosts in it. I wish you the very best, and I continue to be a big fan of bittorrent based products and services.
  5. Just use the FreeBSD install package and let the installation do all that is required. No guide required.
  6. I guess that depends on your definition of alive. Well I will say this. If you are trying to sell a product you need to sell the impression that you have a bug free product and an amazing support staff. The comments on here, and the lack of responses, very much suggest Reslio is not alive! Maybe not dead, but certainly not healthy.
  7. When BTSync came it was low on features but it was rock solid on syncing. I think the general consensus was it was flawless. But then one day there was a new version that had a fundamental change to it that caused a bunch of syncing issues, and since then it seems each and every release has ghosts in it; most of then causing stuck syncing, and other undesirable stuff. Is there any chance a Sync Lite version could be released, one low on features, does syncing for a few folders, runs on many OS (including FreeBSD, Apple iOS, and Android of course), is easy to support, and is bullet proof flawless? Maybe dig up some of that old code? And then, to make money (revenue), sell a licensed version of it that supports way more folders, but is still Lite. I have been using Sync since it was invented, patiently waiting for the day for it to become rock solid in syncing then I would buy, but that day never seems to come. Seems I get a few months out of it, and then some new version gives me another different ghost. Thoughts?
  8. Is Resilio pretty much dead? Should I be looking for a new multi-node syncing system?
  9. I have been days trying to determine why one of my nodes would not upload to the other two nodes. And yesterday I upgraded a 2nd node and now its displaying similar weird behaviour. What's even more weird is this seems to be occurring on one sync/share instance only, and its really large. Some of the issues I have noticed: One share will no longer upload to other machines, once running on 2.6.3; even if I recreate that sync instance from scratch. One 2.6.3 node complains "file permissions incorrect or lock on files", yet nothing has changed in my setup for years now. Another 2.6.3 nodes complains "cannot download files; no copies exist to download" yet there are two machines with those files. Any transferring of data; occurs in 'micro bursts' (according to the graphing tool), not the normal steady high bit rate syncing you typically see. Two peers in a LAN do not sync with each other, and one peer on the internet syncs with one node on the LAN, but not the other. I've been a couple days scratching my head on this one, I just can't find the "ah ah moment" item. All I node I was having decent success for a while but recent upgrades to two of my machines seem to have put ghosts in them. Even more confusing is this affects syncing for one folder, but not the other folders/sync-instances, even thought my set up has not changed in years. Permissions, etc all identical. I see a ton of these in the log file too, if that means anything: disconnect - reason: "closed virtual socket", error: 0
  10. My Ubuntu machine was not turned off or removed permanently. After everything else was in sync I turned it back on and it was good to go. I have been a 'BTsync' user since day one. One day 1 it was rock solid, but a little time afterwards they made some sort of fundamental change and since then sync has a ghost or two in it that they just can't seem to resolve. I find sometimes the only way is to rebuild the sync share: meaning delete it from every machine, delete ther .sync folder, create a new crypto key on one machine, let it finish indexing, and then repeat on the other machines.
  11. Thanks for that sir!!! Much appreciate it!
  12. Any chance there is an Ubuntu machine participating in the 'swarm'. I have been stuck with my own Android issue (see my post) and only by trying (for the sake of trying) I stopped the one Ubuntu machine and poof my LG (Android) phone started syncing. I'm still monitoring but so far so good.
  13. Well looks like I got it working. Only through trying everything, I decided (for no other reason but to try something) to stop sync running on my Ubuntu machine. As soon as I did that the LG phone immediately started downloading, and was synced shortly afterwards. I was quite surprise actually. I waited a couple hours, and have since started sync back on the Ubuntu machine. So far it seems all machines are staying in sync. Time will tell. I'm guessing this behaviour has been seen before, but I'm not going to search through years of discussion posts. If anyone does indeed know that this is an issue that seems to be still around then let me know please. If this only surfaces again, when I add a new device I think I can live with that.
  14. Its been a while since I have posted because Resilio has been working so well for me. So, we just got two identical Android phones; one is about two weeks older than the other. Both are LG Xpower3 phones. A bit of background first: I have a few FreeBSD servers all running full sync for multiple folders we will call A to G. Rock solid. Also have one Ubuntu laptop running full sync to two of those folders A and B. Also rock solid. Two weeks ago I added Sync to a brand shiny new LG Xpower3 phone, and added A and B, but in "Selective sync"mode. Also rock solid. Yesterday we got a second brand new LG Xpower3 phone. I can add A in "selective sync" with no issues, and it seems to be perfectly fine. When I add B on this second phone, after a couple minutes the app stops responding and you can feel the back of the phone heat up. The syncing process says it synced, but the files in there are greyed out, and even if I touch them to sync nothing happens. If I force stop the app and restart I get the same result. I have tried everything I can think of including removing and re-adding B, clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling (and I did that also trying to deleted those two sync folders created in Downloads to purge any hidden data). Nothing I try matters. A works fine, B just locks up the app and heats up the phone. If I add A and nothing else, Sync seems fine for as long as I let it remain. If I add B by itself the app freezes. Note I even currently have no files in B, I removed them all just to see, and I let all the other devices sit for 30 minutes (it was supper time) before I tried adding B on this second phone. The only other thing I noticed is when I touch the sync folder inside sync it takes a long long time to show the contents, whether it be nothing or files. I assume all phone versions are correct, but have not checked yet. And all machines, except one FreeBSD server, sits on the same LAN (L2 broadcast domain). And my two weeks old LG phone works perfectly fine on wifi networks outside my home network, as well as the mobile data network. I'm stumped, any thoughts?
  15. Well the paid plans are detailed quite well and clearly, but no where on any page can you find where an equal amount of effort was put into showing that a free-to-use indefinitely version is available. And I respect that. All that is available is a red "Free Download" button, but that does not mean its free to use indefinitely. I have downloaded lots of products for free that require some sort of money some time afterwards.
  16. It would seem this ( also suggests there is a free to use version available, so I'll take that as a yes unless someone else tells me otherwise.
  17. Hi there, well I see the old BTSYNC was finally removed from the FreeBSD ports tree. So I was intending to install the new version, and decided to hop on to the web site and do some reading first. I get the impression there are no free versions of Resilio Sync available anymore. Is that correct? if not can someone point me to the URL of the free to use product page? BTW I am totally cool with paying for a product, after all people gotta make a living right. My only concern is that I use FreeBSD OS, and I know who have already been burned by buying a product only for the vendor to say yeah we are pulling support for FreeBSD. There are many other currently free competing products I could try, but I don't want to. Also, if/when I install the new product can I reuse my old existing configuration and keys, or must I (or should I) start from scratch. No issue there either, just don't want to if I don't have to. EDIT: The Sync Home page seems to suggest there is a free version available, but another page suggest "Free to try for 14 days", or is that only for business use?
  18. Well I guess we all have our own ideas as to what is urgent. That all aside, care to comment on what might be happening in my installation environment?
  19. So I mentioned this on the old forum but I'll mention it again, plus a couple other items I am now doing. I have a few NAS type servers (most are off site) build with FreeBSD, an awesome OS I might add, check it out! I have security cameras that send pictures to a folder on the NAS. BTsync simply syncs to each server, and those sync to our cell phones. If the alarm company calls we have pictures on our phones. Also in the event the NAS was found and stolen or destroyed, copies of the bad guys are already off site. Our library of family moments (pictures and videos) are replicated to the off site servers. Those servers use Minidlna to stream the libraries to smart TVs. So our parents who live in other parts of the world can enjoy our pictures and videos simply using the TV remote control. Side benefit of using BTsync - since my NAS is replicated to off-site servers if my home server were to suffer a catastrophic failure or be destroyed in fire for example I have multiple copies already off-site that I can use. (Note since i use read/write mode everywhere for various reasons, I also use external drives to make rotating copies off-site, just in case somehow a "rm -r *" type boo boo is done.) (Shameless promotion - I realize there are a lot of folks here that use various OSs, but if you are in the mood to try something truly refreshing, rock solid architecture, etc you should give FreeBSD a try. Its a direct descendant of the BSD type UNIX and if you have a open mind I believe you won't be disappointed.) Edit 2018-07-20 - I realize now I failed to mention the Synth stuff. Synth is a program that is used to compile/build other programs for FreeBSD. Some of my other machines are older so less powerful CPUs. So what I do is I use Synth with profiles on the more powerful machine to build the programs. But how does it know what to build? Easy, thanks to Bittorrent Sync (now Resilio) a copy of the target machine files is on the builder machine. Here is the beauty part: lets say you have 50 identical target machines. Sync up the require folders, let Synth do its thing and after completion go to each traget machine and have its local Synth or PKG do the upgrade. Slick!!
  20. So I noticed a bunch of topics (including this one) didn't get any love from the 'staff', yet other do. Why? What determines which one you respond to? Or are you just doing the easy ones? Regarding this issue I managed to get my shares up and running again. I had to completely delete them, and re-add them. And after a fair bit of more reviewing it seems obvious that the renaming of files (folders and or files) causes syncing to break. Which is kind of interesting because in FreeBSD there is no rename command. We use the 'mv' (move) command. I'm guessing there are some Linux OSs that have the same behaviour too. It seems as along as I use 'cp' (copy), let sync finish, and then 'rm' (remove) it works fine.
  21. Well I managed to add back one sync/share instance without issue. However my attempt at adding back in a 2nd sync/share instance is running into a thick stone wall. It will transfer about 405+ MB of content (out of a possible 3.8 GB, which is one of my smaller folders) and then simply stop. Repeat over and over = same results over and over. Arrgghhhh. Never had this with my way old version. I'll tinker with this a bit more, but I would say it looks like this coming weekend I am gonna roll back to the old version. I've pretty much lost trust in these never versions. ....unless a site admin or other Resilio can convince me otherwise. And while on the topic, I realize I have not paid for support, but the lack of response from admins is a bit concerning too. The top of this topic group says "Having problems with Sync? Found a bug? This is the place to post about it! "
  22. I got stung bad by this issue: I took for granted that sync was working fine, but in reality it had been broken for many weeks. Please bring back the sync status on the main page. How hard can a piece of logic like that be? All peers in sync = green, some nodes in sync = yellow, no nodes in sync = red.
  23. Gee its quiet in here. So I am pretty sure I have identified the cause of my troubles: renaming files including folders. I believe this issue was stated as being fixed in an earlier release but I am using version 2.3.8 (560). and I am pretty sure the sync/share instances affected by this have a messed up 'state'. So I am deleting my instances, and creating new (new key) instances. The first one seemed to load up fine. I will soon test by creating new folders (instead of renaming) and then moving files from folder to folder. I'll also try to make it a habit of organizing my file names before I put into a sync'd folder. And I also pretty sure this issue occurred only days after I upgraded to 2.3.8 (560). I never got affected by this issue with the way older version of BTsync.
  24. So it now seem a couple of the sync/share instances are okay, and others are royally busted. Not exactly sure yet but the royally busted ones seem to be not syncing or one-way syncing, maybe on a per files basis. Only thing I can gather is the sync/share instances that are really large are the ones that have broken. And it seems the 'break' is between individual sync nodes; meaning its not just one node that has gone awry, but there are issues between 1<>2, 2<>3, and 1<>3. Still troubleshooting, but it only other thing I can see is in the history section I see stuff like CheckOriginalFile:No such file or directory, or CheckSuffixFile:No such file or directory. Anyone got any ideas? And I'd like to know what possibly caused or triggered this.