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  1. Hi Roman, Thanks for clarifying. Just on a side note, is there any indication in the UI whether UDP or TCP transport is in use between devices?
  2. Hi Roman, This is over WAN. I haven't had a chance to try it over LAN yet. And the reason that I ask about multiple connections for large files is to do with the speed of international transfers. For whatever reason, one connection, or to put it more generally, one transfer over tcp cannon hope to saturate the width of the pipe between the two parties. So to work around this 'segment' download managers were created to be able to run multiple concurrent transfers for the one file, which allowed for a much greater utilisation of the bandwidth between the two parties. It doesn't sound like BT sync is currently implementing such a system for single large files, so I ask again whether it is on the roadmap? Hope that makes sense.
  3. Hi, I'm seeing similar issues when syncing large files. Speed goes up to reasonable level, then slows back down to zero, then picks back up again. Sometimes it pauses for some seconds while with "Nothing being transferred right now" in the Transfers tab, possibly before moving onto the next chunk. It's very inefficient as a result. The box sending the files is a Debian 7 64-bit host, reciever is Win 8. Also can you clarify whether Bt Sync uses multiple concurrent connections to transfer single large files? If not, when is this capability expected to be added? It would be a very useful feature for this software to have. Thanks, Bohdy.