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  1. +1 also something like harmonogram per share will be nice feature, because some people have limits on internet, and might want to sync only in night large shares.
  2. When a file is preallocated, btsync begins to sent the entire contents. btync should detect that the file can be banal compress or have support for sparse files. Thanks!
  3. There is only update for windows, but this is Linux specific bug.
  4. string length can change after link resolve, so you should calculate length after resolver
  5. When Sync folder is under an symlinked directory btsync 1.3.77 crashes when starting with: *** Error in `./bin/btsync': free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x00007ffcf82c7670 *** ======= Backtrace: ========= /lib64/[0x33b4e7548e] /lib64/[0x33b4e7b1fd] /lib64/[0x33b4e7bf66] ./bin/btsync[0x47643f] ./bin/btsync[0x4d7264] ./bin/btsync[0x4e10ef] ./bin/btsync[0x4dfad3] ./bin/btsync[0x4dffb5] ./bin/btsync[0x46e50a] ./bin/btsync[0x46e583] ./bin/btsync[0x4d3b13] ./bin/btsync[0x505758] ./bin/btsync[0x491bfc] /lib64/[0x33b5608333] /lib64/[0x33b4eeb26d] this configuration worked well with btsync 1.2.82 Loaded folder contains truncated path with real path /home is symlink to /home-bulk btsync loading folder: /home-bulk/ziomek/Sync/La instead of /home/ziomek/Sync/Laptop