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  1. I'm also seeing this on Android (running Pie) and Windows 10 x64 over multiple folders and devices (with different folders on each device)
  2. I'm also seeing this quite frequently on several of my machines. Do we have any information on this or possible resolutions? I can copy a file into a folder on Machine 1 and Machine 2, 3, etc will sometimes throw the error and refuse to download it further. It happens with all types and sizes of files. Sometimes I can remove the file from the folder in Machine 1 and then readd it after the others notice the change (they'll eventually remove it from the "files cannot be downloaded" list), and then it'll sync ok. This is impractical though as my shares have accumulated dozens
  3. Make note of the read-only key, remove the folder, re-add the folder with the read-only key, and once it indexes, it will be as you wish. I've done something similar a few times, and it works great.
  4. If you give all the computers a read/write key, when anything is changed on one, it will sync to the others. Alternately, if you give your master computer a read/write key, and a read-only key to the others, anything you change on the master will sync to the others, but anything changed on the others will not sync back to the master.
  5. I would also appreciate an option to rename folders without changing the actual physical name.
  6. I would also appreciate this, though it's not critical for my use case.
  7. I also think this would be a really cool feature, especially since many of the items I've synced are exactly that - photos, movies, music, disk images, etc - that rarely change. Due to cpu usage, I'd prefer a user-settable range, and I'd probably choose to do re-check every 2-3 months (probably up to 6 months, depending on the exact content). I would also agree that it would be best per-folder, so that you could re-check important files more often, as well as not having to suddenly re-hash several TB of data at once.
  8. I also would enjoy a scheduler being added (perhaps one like in utorrent). One other thing that may be nice is to be able to schedule things by peer (one peer being choked and another free perhaps), though it's certainly not necessary.