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  1. Hi I use btsync in a small office with 3 peers on a 100mb/s LAN and a single peer on a separate off site backup machine at my house which is accessed over a the WAN via a 8mb/s connection (actually more like 0.2mb/s practical upload speed). We share documents locally using a synced folder, this is great and much better than dropbox because we don't have to wait for the file to upload to a server on the WAN before another user can access it. It's almost as good as having all documents accessed on a server but I can have my entire office on my laptop when I'm away. Except, sometimes, when ther
  2. Did anyone get a launchDaemon to work? Bittorent Sync seems to just quit after a couple of seconds, it doesn't log anything to any standard system logs either so there's no way to figure out whats going wrong.
  3. My wife and I have separate user accounts on a desktop machine, but I don't want to have to keep multiple copies of synced folders for each user account. E.g. I would like to sync the /Users/Shared/ directory so that I don't need /Users/me/SyncedStuff, /Users/wife/SyncedStuff. Where SyncedStuff is the exact same stuff duplicated. That way my wife and I can share information on our desktop but we can also sync the stuff in the shared folder with our laptops. Sync would need to run as a system daemon that starts on boot. The UI should still be accessible and usable in each account on mac / win